Screen Rant is thrilled to exclusively present a first look at the trailer for the upcoming film The Harbinger, which is set to be released in theaters and On Demand September 2. Recently acquired by Screen Media, the horror thriller stars young Madeleine McGraw (fresh off her stellar turn in The Black Phone) and prolific Native actress Irene Bedard (who voiced Pocahontas in the 1995 Disney film and its sequel).

The Harbinger begins with Theresa and Daniel Snyder (played by Amanda MacDonald and Will Klipstine respectively) moving to a small town with their seemingly troubled daughter Rosalie (McGraw). After a series of mysterious events - not to mention deaths - occur, the people of the town begin to suspect young girl is behind everything. In order to get to the bottom of the situation and hopefully save their child, the parents reach out to a Native American seer (Bedard) - and are not pleased with what they learn.


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Screen Rant's exclusive first look at the The Harbinger trailer below begins with an ominous statement: "I felt her evil the second she got out of that car." It's followed by a bone-chilling stare from Rosalie that would surely make any bystander agree, as well as confirmation from a child psychologist that the child exhibits signs of psychopathy. Those signs become full-blown tragedies as Rosalie announces that "the Harbinger has come." Catch the trailer, provided by Screen Media Films, below:

(Watch the full trailer on YouTube.)

Exorcisms are the usual answer to demonic possessions, but the devilish creature appearing in The Harbinger trailer seems like it will need a lot more than that. As the terrifying events pile on, one after the other, the seer named Floating Hawk (Bernard) declares to her helpless parents' that there is no way out... Except for perhaps one: death.

Not only does Bernard act in the haunting film, she is also an executive producer on the project, which is heavily made up of Indigenous artists and creatives. The Harbinger was produced by a non-profit company called Veteran Films. Through their efforts, veterans and victims of domestic violence, as well as Native American artists, can receive training programs and mentorships in the film industry. Steve Monroe (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) also stars as John Driscoll.

Other notable releases from Screen Media include 10,000 Saints, starring Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld, and this year's Code Name Banshee, with Antonio Banderas and Jamie King. The Harbinger is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of 114 minutes.

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The Harbinger is set to be released in theaters and On Demand September 2.

Source: Screen Media Films

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