Screen Rant is debuting the first Shark Side of The Moon trailer revealing the shark-human hybrids at the center of the movie, which is set to premiere as a Tubi Original on Friday, August 12. The film blends the space-driven storytelling of Alien with the tongue-in-cheek filmmaking of Sharknado producers The Asylum.

Shark Side of the Moon is set in a world in which the USSR developed hyper-aggressive humanoid sharks in the height of the Cold War, though following the conflict passing and finding themselves unable to kill the creatures, they launched them all at the Moon. In the present day, a group of American astronauts travel to the planet to repair a module on the dark side of the moon, only to discover the humanoid sharks and finding themselves in a fight for survival.


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In honor of Tubi's Shark Month: Bitefest, Screen Rant has the exclusive Shark Side of the Moon trailer and poster. The video offers the first look at the sci-fi thriller as the American scientists crash-land on the titular planet and discover a number of strange ongoings, including the deadly humanoid sharks inhabiting the Moon. Check out the trailer and poster below:

Reginald William Stalling is leading the cast of Shark Side of the Moon alongside Maxi Witrak, Terrance Livingston Jr., Lydia Hunter, Konstantin Podprugin, Tania Fox, Michael Austin Deni, Michael Marcel, Roman Chsherbakov, Ego Miktas, Lindsey Marie and Sandi Todorovic. Emmy-winning visual effects supervisor Glenn Campbell is reuniting with Planet Dune's Tammy Klein to direct the film on a script from Apocalypse of Ice's Ryan Ebert and Jurassic School's Anna Rasmussen.

Shark Side of the Moon is slated to premiere on Tubi on Friday, August 12 as part of Tubi's Shark Month: Bitefest, a month-long programming event filled with all kinds of content in honor of our razor-toothed friends, including over 70 films available to stream on FOX Entertainment’s free streaming service.