A Marvel and DC writer just weighed in on whether Nightwing or Spider-Man would win in a fight, and his response is absolutely perfect. While superhero fans love to pit their favorite heroes and villains against each other in theoretical fights, it can be hard to choose a definitive victor if said heroes exist in separate universes. As such, Tom Taylor's determination is a most welcome (and rather hilarious) perspective, seeing as how he's had a hand in crafting iconic stories for both legendary heroes.

Despite belonging to rival universes, Nightwing and Spider-Man are a lot alike in both ability and personality. Both use humor to their advantage, disarming and infuriating their opponents with well-timed quips just as much as any amount of punches or kicks. Likewise, both Dick Grayson and Peter Parker are very agile and acrobatic fighters. While Spider-Man does have enhanced strength and spider-sense thanks to the radioactive arachnid that bit and gave him powers, Nightwing's counter would likely be his arsenal of gadgets along with the skills he's honed for nearly his entire life under the tutelage of Batman himself.


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While it seems Nightwing and Spider-Man would be evenly matched if they were ever to fight, Marvel and DC writer Tom Taylor recently went to Twitter to offer his two-cents on the matter. Serving as the current writer for DC's award-winning Nightwing series with artist Bruno Redondo, Tom Taylor has also written Spider-Man stories for Marvel in the past as well. As such, it makes sense that he would be asked for his opinion on social media. While surprising, Taylor ends up giving the perfect response in his confirmation that Nightwing and Spider-Man wouldn't fight each other at all:

Pointing out the similarities between two of their biggest villains (Kingpin and Blockbuster), Taylor makes the strong point that Nightwing and Spider-Man are so much alike that they'd probably just hit it off and be buddies. Having incredibly bright and optimistic personalities compared to their fellow heroes, it makes sense that they'd probably just get along right off that bat. Rather than brawling,  they would likely join forces to take down their villains together, becoming a whole new kind of dynamic duo in the process.

While some fans might have been hoping for a more definitive victor, Tom Taylor's response communicates volumes. Not only does he show just how just similar Spider-Man and Nightwing are through his response, his decision to not choose one hero over the other implies he likely couldn't choose given his self-proclaimed love for both characters. In any case, the idea that Spider-Man and Nightwing would just team up instead of fighting is highly likely, and it truly is the perfect response from the iconic Marvel and DC Writer.

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