This article contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #9

Mary Jane has officially blown Spider-Man's secret identity in the worst possible way - but that's not the only out-of-character moment for Peter Parker's long-time love interest. The latest Spider-Man adventures depict a Peter Parker at his lowest possible point, without friends, family or a support system of any kind, and even Mary Jane has all but abandoned him. Amazing Spider-Man #9 continues this trend, but with the added burden of the hero's identity revealed by someone whom he trusts the most.

The latest Spider-Man run, by writer Zeb Wells, begins with a mystery: Peter Parker made a fateful decision unknown to the audience but known to everyone else. It has cost him nearly everything, and he struggles with money now more than ever before. Even the other superheroes of the Earth, especially the Fantastic Four, shun him, and Aunt May in particular is extremely disappointed in her nephew; only Black Cat will talk to him without their conversation accompanied by a scolding. This event predates 2022's Hellfire Gala, and a flashback reveals even more distrust between Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

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In Amazing Spider-Man #9, written by Zeb Wells with art by Patrick Gleason, a flashback to the events of the Hellfire Gala reveal Moira's use of Mary Jane's body to sneak into the Gala. In the present, Spider-Man, aware that Mary Jane is acting strange, realizes she is not herself and pursues Moira with Wolverine tagging along. Moira eventually leaves Mary Jane's body, but Peter Parker needs a specialized disc to defeat her. "Pete - Spider-Man!" Mary Jane says, in an attempt to get his attention. "I see it!" Spider-Man uses his web abilities to snatch the disc from the air and shock Moira, forcing her to retreat.

Mary Jane, amazingly, has blurted out Spider-Man's true name in front of his enemies - and it's not even the first time this has happened. In The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, Gwen Stacy did the exact same thing, blurting out "Peter-!" to a masked Spider-Man before covering her mouth. However, in the comics, Mary Jane has never deliberately told anyone Spider-Man's true identity, accidentally or otherwise. The aftermath of the event depicts a conversation between the two, in which Mary Jane chastises Spider-Man for forgetting about responsibility. This concerns the mysterious decision Spider-Man made before the story even began.

Mary Jane has acted rather strange as of late; even when she and Spider-Man were going through a rough patch, she would never ignore and lash out at him. Fans have criticized this run for the many out-of-character actions of Spider-Man's supporting cast, in particular his family and loved ones. Spider-Man's singular decision has yet to be revealed to the audience, but it must be a truly heinous and destructive action to warrant Mary Jane's behavior.