Love Island USA season 4 contestant Mady McLanahan revealed that Andy Voyen broke up with her because she didn't fulfill him in the way he hoped. Mady was one of the first bombshells of the season, along with Valerie Bragg, and quickly connected with Andy at the villa. Andy was coupled up with Courtney Boerner at the time, but luckily she wasn't feeling a connection and wasn't sad to see him recouple with Mady. Unfortunately, things got off to a rocky start when Andy recoupled with Sydney Paight behind Mady and Sydney's partner Isaiah Campbell's back. Mady swore she wouldn't give him another chance but quickly changed her mind.


When Andy was voted out of the villa, Mady was heartbroken. She tried to get to know some other islanders but ultimately decided to self-eliminate. When she got out of the villa, she reconnected with Andy, and fans loved watching the two on social media. However, on September 13, Mady and Andy shared a joint post on Instagram explaining that they had called off their relationship after realizing they were better off as friends. Fans were upset but sent them love in the comments section along with some of their Love Island USA co-stars.

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However, there was a lot that the couple left out of the Instagram post, including a hurtful comment Andy made to Mady. The Love Island USA contestant was a guest on After The Island, where she revealed that she and Andy broke up while on a date at an apple orchard. Mady admits she could tell something was wrong but felt reassured when he posted a photo that she was in on his Instagram Story. Shortly after, he told her he didn't think things were working out between them. Andy told Mady he wasn't ready to be in a relationship with her and was having a hard time letting his walls down. He then shockingly confessed, "It's gonna suck hearing this, but it's just not fulfilling enough for me." Mady admitted, "I think that's the most hurtful thing anyone could ever say."

The Love Island USA contestant was also upset that Andy had been posting photos of them on social media all weekend and introduced her to all the important people in his life, only to tell her he was no longer interested. She immediately asked him to drive her to the airport and told the podcast hosts about some strange behavior he exhibited after the split. In the car, Andy played songs that applied to their split, like "You Deserve Better" by James Arthur. Andy was also posting recaps of their weekend on TikTok and liking comments of fans praising the couple. After they posted their statement on Instagram, Andy started making TikToks about being single, and Mady felt his actions were very insensitive.

Andy's actions are certainly weird, considering he and Mady seemed to have made such a strong connection on Love Island USA. Luckily, Mady is ready to move on and actually feels relieved to leave Andy behind since she was starting to feel like he didn't like her very much to begin with. It's great that she got to tell her side of the story, and while she doesn't regret her time on reality TV, she likely won't meet any romantic partners on TV in the future. Hopefully, the Love Island USA contestant will find what she's looking for now that she and Andy have left their connection in the past.

Source: After The Island/YouTube