Screen Rant can exclusively present a first look at the trailer for the upcoming film Into The Deep, which is set to be released in theaters, On Demand and digital by Lionsgate on August 26 before arriving on Blu-ray and DVD October 4. The intense action-thriller mostly takes place on the open sea, increasing the suspense for its isolated characters and removing the possibility of escape.

Produced by the same team as 47 MetersDown, Into The Deep follows Jess (played by Ella-Rae Smith, Into the Badlands) as she is swept off her feet thanks to a whirlwind romance with the mysterious Ben (Matthew Daddario, Shadowhunters). Things seems to be going swimmingly when he takes her on his boat so they can drift miles from shore, but soon enough their extended meet-cute is cut short by the arrival of Lexie (Jessica Alexander, Glasshouse). Due to their middle-of-the-ocean location, it's safe to assume the three of them will be the focus of the story as audiences witness tensions unfold.


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Screen Rant's exclusive first look at the Into The Deep trailer seems to confirm that assumption. Beginning with a deceptively charming jump into the ocean, audience are treated to a light and breezy romance between Ben and Jess, with only a mild moment of panic from the latter to hint at the foreboding events to follow. Halfway through, however, Lexie quite literally smashes into the boat with a story about being separated from her friends - and things quickly take a turn for the much darker. Catch the trailer below:

(Watch the full trailer on YouTube.)

What stars as a youthful night of drinking and partying devolves into a dangerous web of lies, only Jess has no idea which of her would-be friends is the one doing the lying. Whether Ben attacked Lexie or Lexie tied Ben up against his will, Jess is trapped in the sea with only the two of them and nowhere else to turn. Who can she trust, and can any of them make it off the boat alive?

Into The Deep, which was penned by David Beton (who has worked on British series Hollyoaks and EastEnders), serves as director Kate Cox's feature film debut. Cox shared what drew her to the story in the following statement:

I was drawn to the female protagonists and their nuances of trust and mistrust. Lexie and Jess are not perfect, and Jess goes on a journey of transformation where she loses some of the naivete of youth. I feel the audience will relate to these character traits and experiences. The contained location, at sea, increases the stakes and emphasizes the dueling of power between the three characters, which creates palpable tension.

The film has a runtime of 91 minutes and is rated R for some sexual content/nudity, drug use, violence, and language throughout.

Other recent releases from Lionsgate this year include filmmaker Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic action movie Moonfall and whimsical comedy-adventure The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, starring Nic Cage and Pedro Pascal. Upcoming releases to watch out for are Fall, which arrives in theaters on August 12, and Kevin Smith's Clerks III, which arrives on September 13.

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Into The Deep will be released in theaters August 26, as well as On Demand and digital, before becoming available on Blu-ray and DVD October 4.

Source: Lionsgate