The co-showrunner of The Goldbergs explains Murray's death, detailing his approach to the story. It was announced last December that Jeff Garlin would be exiting The Goldbergs, vacating his role as the patriarch of the titular family. The news came after an HR investigation into Garlin's on-set conduct and complaints from the crew about the actor's behavior. As a result, the long-running ABC sitcom had to work around Garlin's abrupt absence for several episodes in its season 9.

As a temporary fix, The Goldbergs relied on the use of off-camera dialogue and unused takes as well as images of Garlin. Though this approach made sense in terms of momentary solutions, it flopped in execution. The sitcom would regularly gain attention online and as social media users posted clips to illustrate Murray's unconvincing continued "presence." The series seemed to be aware of this also, announcing that Murray would be killed off in The Goldbergs season 10 premiere.

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Now, in a new interview with THR, co-showrunner Alex Barnow talked in-depth about Murray's death and how different members of his family respond to it. In particular, as it relates to Adam (Sean Giambrone), he has a prank related to the Kevin Costner film Field Of Dreams that turns unexpectedly emotional. Barnow talked about why the show took that approach, and how it differs from the way The Goldbergs dealt with the real loss of George Segal:

Field of Dreams is sort of like the ultimate second chance about reconnecting with somebody who’s gone, and whether that relationship is fraught or not, you take for granted the people in your life when they’re here. Then when they’re gone, you wish you had a second chance to address those relationships. We tried really hard to thread the needle on this one emotionally. Last year we lost George Segal for real and it affected all of us personally and we wanted the premiere last year to be an homage to him, firstly, and also the character. It was rawer and it was real. Losing not the person but losing the character in a season premiere just required a more delicate touch, in a way.

In the sense that we wanted to honor this character, but the actor wasn’t dead. So we wanted to leverage something that was, I think, an important movie to a lot of people who were growing up in the ’80s. It was an opportunity to not make it as sad. Building the field in the backyard given that opportunity to be funny and silly but all to have that sort of sweet recall at the end. Sometimes it works out really well that the movie we’re used to seeing fits the theme of what we’re trying to do, but we’ve misfired too. (Laughs.)

How The Goldbergs Season 10 Handled Murray's Death

The Goldbergs season 10 kicked off with a voiceover from Adam, elaborating on what various characters did over the summer. He highlights one particular change, as family members come and go in fast-forward around the living room. The camera comes to focus on Murray's favorite chair, now empty, with the music changing to reflect a more somber tone. “Just a few months ago, out of nowhere, we lost my dad,” Adam shares. Then he continues: "We will always love you, dad. Always. And we will find a way to continue on together."

The Goldbergs season 10 premiere keeps Murray in mind throughout, though. His family deals with his loss and sorts out his belongings. Each character, just about, has their own reaction and response. It's likely to be a theme that is ongoing. Though they're dealing with the death as best they can, and finding room for happier sitcom moments, Murray's death shouldn't be something that gets resolved neatly with a big storyline or two. True to life, the sudden absence of a father will likely always linger.

Source: THR