The galactic despot Darkseid is showing Galactus what a real universal threat looks with a terrifying new appearance. A variant cover for DC: Mech #6 shows off schematics for Darkseid's own personal mech form, making the Devourer of Worlds look absolutely paltry in comparison.

There are some forces whose power is so great, their very names are synonymous with death and devastation. In the Marvel Universe, one such being is Galactus, an entity who can consume entire planets for sustenance. In the DCU, there's Darkseid the ruler of Apokolips who desires nothing more than the subjugation of all life. Darkseid and Galactus are both quite powerful in their own universes and have kept the heroes of their various Earths on the ropes. But it's hard to say which villain is truly more powerful when both beings have demonstrated a mastery of the cosmic forces at their disposal.


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That said, a new variant for the final issue of DC: Mech #6 has been released, and what it has on it may have Galactus shaking in his colossal boots. The cover, illustrated by artist Dan Mora, is the final one in Moraā€™s series of variants that give extra information about the various Justice Squadron mechs found in the series. According to the cover's info, Darkseid has gone the extra mile in creating his own personal war machine by retrofitting the planet Apokolips "to be a mechanized fortress powered by the anti-life engine". Not only that, Darkseid has had himself modified, so he can easily take control of the entire planet, and amplify his dreaded Omega Beams with the planet's "Omega Cannons". To make matters worse, the planet is roughly the size of Mars, and has a "Conqueror Mode" to give the mechanical Apokolips a mysterious humanoid appearance.

He may already be terrifying, but Darkseidā€™s new mech weapon takes the worst things about the despot and brings them to a nightmarish new level. From an engine that runs on the Anti-Life Equation to cannons that multiply the deadly power of his Omega Beams, Darkseid shows what he's truly capable of when he's out to bring the entire universe under his heel. In doing so, it looks like Darkseid has an edge up on the infamous world-eater Galactus.

Make no mistake, Galactus is one of the most powerful villains in comic books and the threat he presents to the Marvel Universe is a serious one. But Darkseidā€™s new weapon gives him a serious upgrade in power. With Darkseid essentially able to use Apokolips as an extension of his will, he can do the same things he does on a much larger scale. The individuals of planets are one thing, but this new mechanized version of Apokolips could probably take out cosmic entities, possibly even Galactus if the two ever faced one another. There may have been a debate on the two beings' power levels before, but with Darkseid's latest weapon, it's certain to say he's put Galactus to shame.