My 600-lb Life alum Christina Phillips is known for sharing interesting thoughts while clapping back at haters. The mother of two has posted strong messages, to let the world know how the people who troll her on social media make her feel. Christina sought out Dr. Now's help due to her food addiction; she once weighed 708 pounds. After appearing on the show, Christina successfully completed the weight loss process. Following her bariatric procedure, she is living life to the fullest.


Christina had one of the most dramatic transformations in the history of the long-running series. Fans are truly astounded by how much she has changed physically. She came on the show when she was 22-years-old, after being confined to her house for two years. At first, she seemed to struggle with slimming down, but she somehow pulled through, and was able to qualify for the bariatric surgery that would help her to lose weight. The My 600-lb Life alum divorced her husband, who was perceived as an enabler, and slimmed down drastically, to 183 pounds. During her My 600-lb Life:Where Are They Now? episode, she let viewers know that she had gotten skin removal surgery.

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Christina recently gave birth to her second child, Ezra, after welcoming her first son Ethan in February 2021. On Instagram (her IG is currently set to private), she shared that she was two weeks postpartum, and remarked that she was looking and feeling more like herself. She also clapped back at those who trolled her during her first pregnancy with Ethan, according to TV Shows Ace. She shared that she had lymphedema, lipidemia, and swelling during her pregnancy. She also said that if it was any other pregnant woman, social media users wouldn't have said harsh things, adding that doctors were pleased with the My 600-lb Life alum's weight loss.

My 600-lb Life Star Christina Phillips Developed An Eating Disorder

Christina also shared that well over nine years has passed since she decided to lose weight. She agrees with fans that she has done a pretty good job, especially in light of her two pregnancies. However, she knows that she is much more than the number on her scale. She then told the trolls to keep their opinions to themselves, stating that she is happy with her body. Christina used to be afraid of gaining weight, and sadly became anorexic. However, she announced that she had found ways to find a healthy balance with food.

Some of the people who have commented on Christina's posts are not trolls. A lot of them had nice things to say about her body transformation. My 600-Lb Life fans are happy that she clapped back at the trolls, and enjoys the feeling of being easy in her own skin. Her quality of life has increased by leaps and bounds, when compared to her pre-surgery days, and she is now raising her two sons.