Bring out the spritzes and Charcuterie boards, because The White Lotus is coming back for season 2 with an all-new destination, new characters, and more elite tourism exploitation. Isn't it fabulous? HBO finally announced an October premiere date for the long-awaited series created by Mark White.

Following its immediate success and 10 Emmy wins, HBO is ready to bring back one of its most successful series. As announced by HBO, fans will be transported to the lovely island of Sicily in season 2. The series will take place in a very exclusive resort and will feature new characters as well as a familiar face who will be returning from season one.


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HBO announced The White Lotus will premiere its second season on October 30, 2022. Of course, the amazing Jennifer Coolidge, aka Tanya McQuoid-Hunt will return this season, however, this time she has a couple of live humans travelling with her. Viewers will meet her husband Greg, played by Jon Gries, and will also be introduced to her assistant Portia, played by Haley Lu Richardson. Now that Tanya isn't travelling alone, will she be on her best behavior and not lure anyone into a grand scheme only to leave them hanging?

Some of the new cast for The White Lotus season 2 also includes Parks and Rec fan favorite Aubrey Plaza. Plaza will play the role of Harper Spiller, who is travelling with her husband Ethan, played by Will Sharpe. They are joined by Ethan's college roommate Cameron, played by Theo James, and Cameron's wife Daphne, played by Meghann Fahy. Harper and Ethan have just come into newly found wealth, so there is no doubt that they will be met with judgment from those who come from old money.

Enough about the entitled guests, and meet the staff and locals in The White Lotus season 2. Sabrina Impacciatore will play Valentina, the manager of this resort. Just like Armond, she expects her staff to be perfect and professional when it comes to the guests. Beatrice Grannò plays Mia, a singer and local who is in search of her big break. Simona Tabasco plays Lucia, another local who visits the resort in search of new business opportunities from the high-profile clientele.

While the list of characters goes on, one thing audiences can be assured of in The White Lotus season 2 is that paths will be crossed and things will get very messy. After a two-year wait, fans of the HBO series are almost certainly ready.

The White Lotusis set to premiere on HBO on October 30th, 2022.

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Source: HBO