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What some are calling the next Valheim, V Rising is a gothic multiplayer survival game where players control a weakened vampire trying to build their empire from the ground up and get to the top of the food chain. Players can team up with allies or go at it alone to explore an open world teeming with enemies and secrets and crafting materials.

Since Stunlock Studios launched the game on PC via Early Access on May 17, 2022, it's been topping the Steam charts and getting some love from Twitch streamers, with it currently having almost 50K concurrent viewers as of the time of writing.


Updated on June 2, 2022: V Rising has been out for over two weeks now, and the multiplayer gothic survival game is still staying strong, with the developer announcing that it has sold over 1.5 million copies. Game Rant's coverage of V Rising has also grown quite a bit, so this hub guide has been updated to add some additional topics, like some boss fights, new crafting items, and a section containing news and opinion pieces.

And since the indie game hasn't fully launched yet, the developers will continue to implement new updates and patches to improve the overall user experience as time goes on, thanks to player feedback. In that case, readers can expect this V Risingwalkthrough to get updated/revised as more updates get released and more guides are published.

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V Rising Crafting Tips and Materials

V Rising players starting out will need to acquire some crafting materials to help them on their quest to become the best bloodsucker around. This section will go over how to get some of the more tricky crafting materials in V Rising, and how to actually go about crafting certain items.

V Rising Weapons, Skills, Abilities, etc.

Since there are many choices when it comes to how players approach combat in V Rising, the following guides will go over topics like the best weapons, best abilities, and other tips for taking down foes.

V Rising Bosses

V Rising players can find dozens of powerful bosses around the open world, and defeating these enemies known as V Blood Bosses will reward fans with new powers and abilities, among other useful goodies.

General Tips, Tricks, and Base Building Help for V Rising

V Rising Info and FAQs

  • Developer - Stunlock Studios
  • Platforms - PC via Steam
  • Price - $19.99
  • Multiplayer? - No local multiplayer. Up to 10 players online.
  • Genre - Open-World Survival

Is V Rising Coming to Consoles?

As of writing, the developers of V Rising have been quiet on a potential console launch for the game. Right now, V Rising is only playable on PC. However, if it does eventually come to consoles, fans should expect it to launch on Xbox and PS4/PS5.

Does V Rising Have Controller Support?

Considering V Rising is technically still a work in progress, there are going to be missing features, and controller support is one of those things. According to the dev team, V Rising is being developed as an experience built for mouse and keyboard, and controller support isn't in the cards for the time being.

Can I Play V Rising Offline?

Thanks to a new patch for V Rising, players can now enable offline play. However, they'll still have to go online first to toggle the offline option. Steam users must log in and then select the "Go Offline" option from within Steam's settings.

V Rising News and Opinions



V Rising is available in Early Access on PC.


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