Since the first Pokemon titles were released way back in 1996, each of the original 151 and subsequent Pokemon have accumulated their own fan base and that's no different with Gen 2's Fire-type starter, Cyndaquil. One Pokemonfan has decided to celebrate the Pokemon Gold and Silver introductory Fire-type with impressive handmade dolls.

Reddit user Umbratundra recently shared photos of three identical handmade Cyndaquil dolls that have incredible attention to detail and feature a removable orange and yellow fluff ball that represents the Pokemon's burning flame. Pokemon Gold and Silver fans have long been able to choose Cyndaquil as the first Pokemon in their Johto adventure, with Chikorita being the Grass-type, and Totodile being the Water-type available at Professor Elm's laboratory. Unlike the other two Gen 2 starters, Cyndaquil was recently featured as a starter in Pokemon Legends: Arceus alongside Oshawott and Rowlet, two other former starters that reprise their role in Hisui.


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Umbratundra shared multiple angles of their handmade dolls inspired by Cyndaquil to highlight the detail in their features and show how easily the back flame is removed due to the magnets connecting it rather than Velcro or buttons. Just like the Pokemon in the anime and more recent titles, these Cyndaquil dolls can be displayed with or without the flame, exposing the small red circles that the flame would normally pour out of when it's detached. The fluffy blue and yellow body of Umbratundra's handmade Cyndaquil dolls is complete with small silver details on the tip of their back feet which resemble the Pokemon's toes, click here to see the full Reddit thread.

According to Umbratundra, all three Cyndaquil dolls were made back to back, with each one taking about 20 hours to make. Although the Pokemon player has confirmed that they're selling the Cyndaquil dolls on their shop for around $300 and has created TikTok videos of the process to increase awareness, Umbratundra has stated that they're burnt out from making them. Umbratundra has confirmed that the colors used to make the Cyndaquil dolls can easily be swapped to the Shiny color scheme that fans may have seen in Pokemon Legends: Arceus or Pokemon GO, making it possible for Pokemon fans to own a rarer version of this custom-made plush.

One eagle-eyed fan pointed out that Umbratundra also makes dolls that mimic the many Pokemon Eeveelutions that offer attention to detail similar to the Cyndaquil plush. Multiple Reddit users noted the genius of Umbratundra in using magnets for the detachable flame rather than a more visibly noticeable material, pointing out that the quality reflects an official Pokemon product.

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