Guerrilla Games introduced players to a brand-new post-apocalyptic world throughHorizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, and the world may be the perfect setting for a multiplayer spin-off. The lands are rife with danger as robotic animals wait around every corner and humans fight for survival. It is a unique type of post-apocalyptic Earth that really has not been seen before, and it has quickly garnered a bit of a fanbase.

Both Horizon games have been received very well, with Horizon Forbidden West receiving a lot of acclaim for its expansion of the world. Players have spent hours combating giant robots on their quest to save the world from rampant AI, and they cannot wait to see what comes next. While a third entry is probably on the horizon, Guerrilla should also consider exploring its vast world through the lens of a multiplayer title. This would not only build out the world even further, but it would also allow franchise fans to face dangerous foes in some fun co-op action.


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Horizon's Setting is Waiting to be Explored More

Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West take place in the far future on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Humans live scattered across the United States in tribes, and large robotic creatures roam the land. Humans hunt these robots for parts, and things are relatively peaceful. However, that all changes once something causes the machines to become larger and more aggressive.

The primitive tribes are quickly thrown into disarray as they face off against these new robots and do whatever they can to survive this newfound aggression. Players are put in the shoes of the outcast Aloy, and must do what they can to save humanity from extinction. She soon discovers that there are far greater things at play than aggressive machines, and that she may be one of the most important people on the planet.

The story of Horizon brings players across a post-apocalyptic United States to uncover the world's secrets. They are soon embroiled in a large conflict that sees rampant AI fighting, multiple clones made to save the world, an impending second extinction, and even a band of advanced humans that have little regard for those on Earth. The world is filled with wild lore that has been really fun for players to discover, but it could be further expanded past these two titles.

So far, the Horizon story has been pretty self-contained to the adventures of Aloy. Players can learn about other events in the world's history, but the majority of the story follows Aloy's quest to save humanity. It has been very interesting to play through, and she has had to face many exciting dangers that have helped shape her. However, this has only shown players a fraction of the world and the dangers it holds.

One of the best ways to expand an established world is to create spin-offs that tell new stories in that setting. Players have only seen a small subset of the United States, but there is a larger planet waiting to be explored. Aloy's journey may not bring players on that adventure, but a spin-off game could show them more of the Horizon world. These spin-offs could take many forms, but one of the best choices may be a full-fledged multiplayer title, because traversing the unknown with friends is a lot of fun.

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Multiplayer Could Blend Very Well Into Horizon

A major aspect of the Horizon series is the need to fight deadly machines of varying sizes. These machines range from tiny ones like the Burrower to large behemoths like the Thunderjaws. The larger the machines are, the harder they are to beat. The variety of machines and the different tactics that players have to employ to beat them is one of the biggest draws of the franchise, and it could be even better alongside other players.

A Horizon multiplayer game could add an extra layer to these fights by allowing players to beat back large machines together. It would be very similar to games like Monster Hunter, and it could let them face off against a boatload of machines that players have not met yet. Letting players gear up and head off to take out the largest of machines together could be a lot of fun, and it could also really help build out the world of Horizon.

The first two Horizon games are action RPGs following the adventures of Aloy across the world, but there are far more stories waiting to be told. Players could create their own unique hunter in this world and make themselves a part of the story. Guerrilla could also create a bunch of new characters for players to choose from, or give them control of some side characters from the main games. This would allow for whole new personalities to shine, and would let the developers tell brand-new stories with these new characters.

This would not be the first singleplayer PlayStation title to get multiplayer, and it would probably not be the last. Ghost of Tsushima added a solid multiplayer mode that let players experience the great combat of the main game in new missions with their friends, and The Last of Us is getting a full multiplayer spin-off that will further expand that world. Sony seems like it wants to build out new multiplayer experiences as well with the purchase of Bungie, and it should really consider tapping the Horizon world for a future title.

A Horizon multiplayer spin-off could be a really great time for new players and fans of the franchise alike. It would be a great way to draw players who are more interested in multiplayer games to the world of Horizon, and it could also allow franchise veterans a fun way to kill giant robots with their friends. At the end of the day, nothing brings friends in the Horizon universe closer than being able to kill giant Thunderjaws together.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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