Capital is one of the currencies in Gundam Evolution that players can use to unlock brand-new Units. Specifically, each Unit in the game can be unlocked with 1,980 Capital, and this amount of the currency can be earned without spending any real-world money. However, some players may be unclear about how they can obtain Capital in Gundam Evolution, and this guide is here to shine some light on the matter.

Gundam Evolution: How to Get Capital

Players that are interested in earning Capital should first focus their efforts on addressing all the Beginner Challenges, which can be viewed by clicking on the Challenge banner on the Home screen. Indeed, these challenges award Capital upon their completion, and fans should have enough of the currency to unlock one Unit when they have worked through all of them. Gundam Evolution players cannot resolve all the Beginner Challenges at once, though, as they must be completed over the course of several days.


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Fans can also claim some Capital from the free track of Gundam Evolution's Season Pass, which can be viewed by clicking on the Season Pass banner on the Home screen. More specifically, 1,000 Capital is awarded to players that reach Tier 18 on the Season Pass, and another 1,000 is awarded at Tier 58. Fans of hero shooters are thus advised to put some work toward consistently completing the game's Daily and Weekly Challenges, as doing so will allow them to advance through the tiers of the Season Pass.

To note, there are ways to unlock Units in Gundam Evolution without Capital, though they all require players to use real-world money. For example, fans can unlock a single Unit for 990 EVO Coins, the game's premium currency. While it is actually not possible for players to purchase EVO Coins at the time of writing, that will change on September 23 at 7pm PST. Indeed, it is at that time that fans can buy this premium currency from the in-game shop and then proceed to unlock the characters that they want.

EVO Coins can also be earned from the Premium Season Pass, which can be unlocked for 990 EVO Coins. While some Gundam game fans may prefer to bypass the Premium Season Pass and simply use their coins to buy Units directly, there are other rewards on the paid track that may cause them to reconsider. That said, it is important to mention that players will not get their 990 EVO Coins back from the pass until they reach Tier 59, which may prove to be quite a grind.

Gundam Evolution is available for PC and will release on December 1, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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