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Players were warned that Dying Light 2 was going to be massive and that proved to be the honest truth. The city Aiden finds himself in is sprawling. To the joy of gamers, every block is stuffed with personality, secrets, and treasure just waiting to be discovered.

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However, the learning curve in Dying Light 2 is steep. Running through the game and hoping to find every collectible, upgrade, or secret isn't going to work out. And that's what the community is there for: to share knowledge with each other until everybody has what they need to feel like a true Dying Light 2 master.

Updated on April 16th, 2022 by Hodey Johns: With triple-digit hours to complete the entire and quadruple-digit hours to uncover every secret and achievement, Dying Light 2 is not a game that will be completely explored anytime soon. As the secrets keep rolling in, this guide has been updated with the latest discoveries. More than that, players who have beaten the game and are casually exploring have their sights set on the future. Techland has been happy to fill those dreams with what will be, both for expanded content in Dying Light 2 and the next game itself. These musings have also been listed here.

Strategies and Advice

What makes Dying Light 2 different than any other game where players just follow the waypoint on the map until arriving at their destination? Yes, getting from point A to B is part of the game, but what makes this installment unique is that getting to that point is only the beginning.

Once arriving on the scene, players can be asked to run a course, climb a building, fight a boss, solve a puzzle, or do any number of complex tasks. Many can be done right away, some require specific skills and abilities. Those who are looking for Aiden to be the very best version of himself are in the right place.

General Tips

Tech Info


How is this obstacle course possible? Where is that house supposed to be? When is the target going to get to the designated spot? Missions aren't always straightforward, not always on the map, and often require certain skills or pieces of equipment.

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Instead of just giving up and coming back later or, worse still, uninstalling the game, don't be afraid to check out a guide on how to achieve victory. Sharing knowledge is part of being a gamer. Those who are good can always get better!

General Assistance



Gold Medal Help

Weapons, Gear, Unlocks, Collectibles, And Secrets

Look at the size of this city. Seriously, get to the top of a windmill and try to see from one end to the other. It's not possible in a single view. Plenty of games boast about the size of the map and forget to fill it with anything intriguing. Dying Light 2 doesn't make that mistake.

Players looking to find everything the game has to offer might very well be playing for years. That's part of the fun. Turning over every stone is exciting and rewarding. The prizes for this exploration can be everything from cold, hard cash to new forms of travel.




Other Secrets

Discussions And Opinions

Beyond playing the game, people can't help but just talk about the game itself. There is a lot to marvel at that is here already. The art style, the physics, the controls, each of these is a tree in this forest and there is a great saying about not missing the forest for each individual tree.

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But this is only the rich ground floor. With DLC in the works and consistent patches, what's going on in the game will only get more interesting. Players have a lot to talk about and that list is growing. Chat it up, it's fun to think about everything in the works for Dying Light 2.



Predictions And Speculation

Dying Light 2's Place In The Universe

Although the game might stand on its own, Dying Light 2 very much understands that it isn't alone in the universe of gaming and media. In the very name, Dying Light 2, players can't play the game without remembering or wondering about the events of the first Dying Light.

Within the game itself, plan on finding Easter Eggs and references to other popular titles and games. At least, by virtue of being a zombie game, there are going to be games that have natural comparisons to Dying Light 2 and it's a good mental exercise to ponder what sets this game apart from the rest.

Other Media

Prequel Talk

Easter Eggs

Big News And Fun Facts

For a game as anticipated as Dying Light 2, there was no chance of any gamer missing the release date. Even outside of gaming circles, Dying Light 2 makes national headlines for its overall sales and the efforts of its developer, Techland, for making and publishing the game on their terms.

A favorite of many gamers already, the headlines don't look to die down after the release. Nobody is beating the game on their first day, so the evolving world will be a story for some time to come. The most simple of headlines will impact millions of gamers.

Console Headlines

Dev Talk


Patches, DLC, And Mods

With DLC in the works and consistent patches, what's going on in the game will only get more interesting. Players have a lot to talk about and that list is growing. Chat it up, it's fun to think about everything in the works for Dying Light 2.

This is one of the more customizable games on the market and modders are going to find ways to improve and diversify this playground-style product. The future of Dying Light 2 is one that will likely continue well after the project itself has been "completed" in an official capacity.

Patches And Updates



Dying Light 2 was released on February 4th, 2022, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Switch Cloud version currently has no release date.MORE:Open-World Games That Are Suitable For Children