Currently, there are three currencies available in Disney Dreamlight Valley, though only one of them feels fleshed out. Coins are the most straightforward of the bunch and feel like they are in a good place, as players can use them to purchase Disney Dreamlight Valley outfits, furniture, and crops. The same can not be said for Moonstone and Dreamlight, though, as players will quickly find themselves with an abundance of both currencies.

While this problem will partially correct itself once Disney Dreamlight Valleyleaves early access, it will likely not release fully for several months. Giving players more things to do with their Dreamlight and Moonstones would help greatly for when they have completed their Star Path or opened everything in the game, something that will inevitably happen even once the game launches with a slew of content. Fortunately, it is easy to imagine alternate uses for both currencies.


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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Limited Purposes for Moonstone and Dreamlight

Right now, the only purpose for Moonstone in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Star Path progression. For those unfamiliar with the Star Path system, it is essentially a battle pass, with players progressing through pages of rewards like they would do in a game like Fortnite. However, players can easily progress through the Star Path by completing Duties, meaning there is little need to spend Moonstone on the Star Path’s currency. Further, though players have to spend Moonstone to access the premium Star Pass, they also make some back on every page. As such, it could take gamers a very long time to get through the 20,000 Moonstone that came with Disney Dreamlight Valley's Ultimate Founder's Pack.

As for Dreamlight, players will find themselves getting an abundance of this currency for completing Duties. With Dreamlight given to players regularly for finishing short term and long term and challenges, they will find themselves accumulating a lot of it very quickly once they have fully opened the map. Though regions are costly, players only need to buy access to them once. After that, the only thing to spend Dreamlight on is Realm doors. While many characters will be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley over time, gamers will likely have more than enough Dreamlight to spare after all the doors have been opened.

How Disney Dreamlight Valley Could Make Dreamlight and Moonstone More Valuable

When it comes to Moonstone, which is essentially Disney Dreamlight Valley’s paid currency since players can only get miniscule amounts through random chests, Gameloft should give players access to an extra store where it can be spent. Just like the in-game marketplace for Call of Duty that allows players to spend COD Points on cosmetic bundles, players should be able to access a Moonstone shop with exclusive items. This could be accessed through Scrooge McDuck’s shop, functioning like his item catalogue where players can order items outside the daily offerings.

As for Dreamlight, which is far more abundant than Moonstone and not primarily accessed through real money, giving it a gameplay-related purpose makes sense. One possibility would be enchantments, which could see Disney Dreamlight Valley players enchanting a mining spot with 100 Dreamlight to guarantee that some rare gems will drop from it. Similarly, players could enchant each of their crops to make them grow significantly faster, limiting the need for waiting and watering.

While these issues will resolve themselves over time to some extent, as the game will receive many Star Paths and new characters to unlock with Dreamlight, early access players are in an odd spot. Those jumping into the game with its official release will have numerous doors to open with Dreamlight in addition to the regions, making it unlikely that they rack up too much Dreamlight quickly. Early access players, on the other hands, are experiencing a look at what could be a problem down the line, so Gameloft may want to consider alternate uses for these two currencies.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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