The Nintendo Switch console has been available for over five years now, yet its momentum is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the Nintendo Switch has been having one of its strongest years to date in terms of high-quality new software, and that's thanks to a combination of multi-platform releases, new DLC for some of its best games, Switch console exclusives, and titles that are completely exclusive to the platform.

Many of the top-rated video games of 2022 are available on the Nintendo Switch, including puzzle-game Freshly Frosted, which is one of the highest-rated games of the year, and Neon White, another highly-rated game. Neon White is an even more significant release for the Switch as it's a Switch console exclusive. While it's available to play on PC, those who prefer consoles will have to get it on Nintendo's home console/handheld hybrid if they want to see what all the fuss is about.


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Neon White is one of few games to have a 90 or above review rating in 2022 so far. Other 90 or above rated games released for the Nintendo Switch in 2022 include Portal: Companion Collection, which is a compilation of the first two Portal games, and the Dead Cells: The Queen & Sea DLC.

As far as pure Switch exclusives go, the Nintendo Switch has had one notable release this year after another. The year started off strong with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a well-received game that significantly changed the core Pokemon game formula. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is one of the highest-rated main series Pokemon games in the past decade, and the risky changes it made to the established formula is a big reason for why that is.

Nintendo has also published some new entries in other notable franchises with Kirby and the Forgotten Land one of the strongest new platformers released this year, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 one of the highest-rated new JRPGs to launch in 2022. Looking ahead, there's even more for Nintendo Switch gamers to check out, and as long as those games meet expectations, it seems Nintendo will be ending 2022 as strong as it started.

Later this year, Nintendo Switch gamers can look forward to exclusive game releases like Splatoon 3 and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, plus major multi-platform games like Hogwarts Legacy. There should be no shortage of games for Switch owners to play, with 2022 making some significant additions to the console's growing library.

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