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You’ve Matched with someone on Hinge—congrats! What do you say that’ll grab their attention and guarantee a response? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective Hinge openers out there. These conversation starters, ice breakers, and pick-up lines will help get the ball rolling and lead you closer to that date. So, keep reading to find your best Hinge opener.

Things You Should Know

  • Scroll through your Match’s profile before sending your message to find similar interests you can comment on and ask them about.
  • Give them a sincere compliment about their personality or appearance to let them know you’re interested in them.
  • Start up a fun game or friendly debate to get your Match excited to talk to you.
  • Inquire about their day-to-day life to learn more about them and their routine.

“What would you do if you had a million dollars?”

  1. Play a game of What Would You Do to start a conversation. The possibilities are truly endless with this game! Simply think of a wild scenario to ask them and see where the conversation goes. You’ll get to know more about them and give your opinion too. Here are some more examples:
    • "What would you do if I asked for your number right now?"
    • "What would you do if you spotted a zebra in the middle of the street?"
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“Would you rather know where you’re going on a date or be surprised?”

  1. Play a game of Would You Rather. This game can be funny, flirty, or sexy, and all you have to do is ask a simple question! Think of two alternative choices and ask your Match what they’d rather do. Give one of these questions a try to break the ice:
    • "Would you rather be a taco or a hamburger?"
    • "Would you rather hold hands forever or never be able to hug again?"
    • "Would you rather kiss a coworker or a friend?"

“What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?”

  1. See what they like to do in their downtime. This opener may seem simple, but it can spark many discussions! Plus, it gives you an idea of what their schedule looks like for future date planning.
    • "What do you like to do in your free time?"
    • "Tell me about your ideal weekend."
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“When was the last time you laughed?”

  1. Ask about their sense of humor. This question is super sweet and can give you an idea about what they find funny. Maybe they laughed at a movie or a joke their friend made. Either way, use their response to ask more questions to keep the conversation going.
    • "What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard?"
    • "What movie wins the superlative for Most Funny?"

“What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?”

  1. Start with a question about their wild side. Everyone has a bit of an adventurous spirit, even if that means eating a whole pint of ice cream. Try asking them this question to catch a glimpse into their life. For instance:
    • "If you could do one thing with no negative repercussions, what would you do?"
    • "What’s the craziest thing you did as a kid?"
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“Your smile caught my eye, but your dog captured my heart.”

  1. Talk to them about their furry friends. If they feature their pet(s) on their profile, chances are they mean the world to them. Let them know you’re an animal person, too. This is sure to spark a conversation about common interests and lifestyles.[3]
    • "No joke. Our dogs could be cousins."
    • "I love your cat! What’s their name?"

“That pasta in Italy looks amazing, but I bet mine’s better.”

  1. Brag about your talents while commenting on their profile. Show off your skills and be a little flirty all at the same time. Find something in your Match’s profile you can comment on, like a picture or a prompt.[4] Then, relate your own talents to it. For instance:
    • If they’ve posted a picture of themselves baking, you could ask, "Those cupcakes look delicious, but can you crack eggs with one hand?"
    • If they say they like running, you might comment, "A 10-minute mile is impressive, but it doesn’t beat my 8 minutes 😉"
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“Tell me more about your rock climbing adventure.”

  1. Respond to their Hinge prompts. They most likely have at least 3 Hinge prompts and answers on their profile, so why not engage with them? Ask them a question based on one of their answers to break the ice and let them know you’re paying attention.[5]
    • Let’s say they answered, "My most irrational fear," with, "Banana peels." You could respond with, "I have to know more about this fear of banana peels."
    • Or if they answered, "A shower thought I recently had," with, "Why can’t sharks swim backwards?" You could ask them, "So, did you ever learn why sharks can’t swim backward?"

“Your job looks epic! How did you get into it?”

  1. Ask about their career or job.Break the ice by asking about what they do for a living, especially if they’ve noted it on their profile. This is an excellent way to learn more about them and get a conversation started. You could also ask:
    • "Super jealous of your job. I wanted to be a marine biologist as a kid. Is it as fun as it looks?"
    • "Okay, so you work at Dairy Queen. What do I need to do to get an unlimited supply of ice cream?"
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“Your first pic blew me away. Your smile is contagious!”

  1. Compliment one of their profile pictures or responses. Sometimes the best way to flirt is to be genuinely honest. Did one of their pictures knock your socks off, or did their personality shine through their prompts? Don’t be afraid to tell them![6]
    • "I was cracking up reading your profile—you’re hilarious!"
    • "You seem like a really great friend. That group picture is adorable."

“Where was your last picture taken? That view is incredible!”

  1. Talk to them about a specific picture from their profile. The best way to tell a Match you’re interested? Commenting on their profile![7] Try asking them about where a picture was taken or saying how amazing they look. You might say something like:
    • "When did you visit the Grand Canyon? I went there last year and was blown away."
    • "Low-key jealous that you’ve been to Disney World. You look adorable in Minnie Ears btw 😉"
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“You’re a dancer? What’s your favorite style of dance?”

  1. Ask them about one of their hobbies. Does their profile feature pictures of them doing something they love? Ask them about it! This is a great way to start a conversation and lets them know you’ve looked at all the areas of their profile.
    • "You like to bake? Me too! I must know the flavor of that cake."
    • "You’re a Red Socks fan? What a shame. I’m always going to root for the Yankees."

“I see you’re from Tennessee. How long have you lived there?”

  1. Ask them about where they live. You can learn a lot about a person from where they live or grew up. This friendly question is personal yet not too personal, opening the door to all types of conversations about their lives.
    • "I’m from California too! Where did you grow up?"
    • "I’ve always wanted to go to New York. Tell me, is the pizza as good as they say?"
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“What’s the first song you heard from Adele?”

  1. Ask about their favorite artist or band. Do they share lyrics from their favorite song in their profile? Use this little tidbit to your advantage by asking them questions about that artist. This is a fun and friendly way to learn about their music tastes. You could ask:
    • "When did you become a Harry Styles fan?"
    • "What’s the first Taylor Swift song you fell in love with?"

“What’s the most played song on your Spotify?”

  1. See if you have the same music taste. This question may seem simple, but it can tell you a lot about them. Who knows? You may just like the same artist or genre and find someone new to share playlists with.
    • "What’s a genre you love that might surprise me?"
    • "Who’s the most underrated artist of all time?"
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“Out of curiosity, what’s your phone background?”

  1. Ask about their phone screen to get a peek into their life. Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about a person from their phone background. Is it a picture of their dog, themselves, or a sunset? This is a fun way to break the ice, and you can even share yours too. Here are some other ideas you can try:
    • "What was the last thing you Googled?"
    • "What app do you spend most of your time on?"

“Kiss, marry, or kill: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Rupert Grint?”

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