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Clean up Pleasure Bay.

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Always bothered me that the developers put as much faith as they did in scrap-forged water filters to pull double duty as desalination plants and thus put The Castle's built in purifier system in the Atlantic Ocean side of Mass Bay. While I accept that the water of Pleasure Bay (the real world name of that circular body of water on the city-facing side of The Castle) is also going to be a little salty, it would be a bit more naturally filtered in Fallout 4 by the sandbar, and be a bit more easy to believe and it's where I prefer to build the real water system for the base.

But man is that water gross! So I dug through all the game files and found what the formIDs are for all of the "MarshScum" (yummy) decals and put together a quick batch file to disable them. These are not part of the precombine system as far as my testing displayed, and disabling them this way doesn't appear to affect anything else. If someone more knowledgeable in the community has a differing opinion, I'm welcome to being proven wrong.

Place the text file in your base Fallout4 directory, open the console, and type in "bat CastleBayCleanup" and you too can have clean, clear(ish) water for all your purification or Minuteman swimming pool needs.