Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
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Make allied NPC units stronger. Pick from x2, x4, or x6 health!

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Do you wish allied NPCs lasted a little bit longer on the battlefield?
Tired of being the only surviving unit or player at the end of a mission?
With this mod, now you can increase NPC survivability rates by (mostly) reasonable amounts!

This mod features the following:
- Choices between x2, x4, and x6 health amounts for all allied NPC types
- Choices are separated into three categories: Soldiers, Vehicles, and Balams

This is a "pick what you want" mod -- Meaning you can pick which categories you want to use.

Otherwise there will be weird desync issues.
So make sure everyone in your lobby is using the same modifier amounts!

1.) Install the required ModLoader
2.) Download one of each modifier category that you want from this mod page:
- Any one NPC Soldier health modifier
- Any one NPC Vehicle health modifier
- Any one NPC Balam health modifier
(You don't need to download all 3 categories, for example you can use only the Soldier health modifier if you want)
3.) Merge the Mods folder(s) from here into the Mods folder provided by the ModLoader

This mod was inspired by a similar mod by aza9503 - Except their mod makes all NPCs basically invincible with health values over 1,000,000,000.
My mod is intended to be more fair than that, by multiplying NPC health values by mostly fair-ish amounts. Higher amounts are intended for higher difficulties.

Here's a handy graph showing the original base values and modded base values for all allied NPC unit types.
Keep in mind! While these are base values, they will be scaled/multiplied in different ways based on;
- Whether you're playing offline or online
- What the mission is
- What the difficulty is
- If online, how many players there are
As to how much the scale multipliers actually are, I personally do not know.

TYPE                          | VANILLA   | x2 Mod   | x4 Mod   | x6 Mod   |
[All NPC Soldiers]            | 200       | 400      | 800      | 1200     |
NPC Naegling (Missile Truck)  | 550       | 1100     | 2200     | 3300     |
NPC Gigantus (Regular Tank)   | 700       | 1400     | 2800     | 4200     |
NPC Epsilon (Railgun Tank)    | 1600      | 3200     | 6400     | 9600     |
NPC Titan (Giant Tank)        | 2400      | 4800     | 9600     | 14400    |
NPC Balam (Big Stompy Robot)  | 40000     | 80000    | 160000   | 240000   |