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Qatar Airways reigned supreme over 350 airlines at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022, with Singapore Airlines in second place and Emirates in third. Airline of the Year 2022 was not the only accolade that Qatar Airways received at the prestigious awards, which took place at The Langham Hotel in London. Gongs for World's Best Business Class, Best Business Class Airline seat and Best Business Class Lounge Dining can also be added to the trophy cabinet. Read on to discover other noteworthy prizewinners...

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Sara Macefield boards the tall ship Star Clipper in Monaco for a voyage along the French Riviera, all the way to Corsica. She enjoys an early morning yoga session on the deck, spots giant yellow-fin tuna from the bowsprit nets at the prow and feasts on steak, lobster and fresh fish in the dining room. As the sailing draws to an end, she admits that despite having stopped off at stunning ports en route, Star Clipper 'proves to be the real showstopper' of the trip.

Tom Chesshyre travelled from Falkirk to Edinburgh along the 'calmly winding' Union Canal, stopping at fine pubs and a fascinating 15th-century castle along the way.

Ahead of the retrospective of Cezanne's work at London's Tate Modern, Martin Symington visits his studio and sees the bronze statue dedicated to him in Aix-en-Provence.

On her visit to Istria, Eve McGowan explores the 'Disney-pretty' town of Rovinj, tries seafood that's 'to die for', and stays in a stylish waterfront cabin by Medulin Bay.

Teresa Levonian Cole makes a timely visit to Geneva to clock its attractions. She gazes at the mind-boggling exhibits in the Patek Philippe museum and visits the amazing Flower Clock.

These photographers prove they don't need all the colours of the rainbow to create truly mesmerising work. Their photography has been honoured in the Black and White Photo Awards 2022, a photography contest that gives a platform to 'incredible' monochrome photography around the world. The contest, which is in its inaugural year, welcomed photographic submissions across five categories - landscape, architecture, street, portrait, and fauna and flora. The breathtaking shot of a cheetah and her cubs, captured by Belgian photographer Johan Willems, reigns supreme overall, earning the ¬£873 (‚ā¨1,000) grand prize. Here is MailOnline Travel's pick of the black-and-white images that garner accolades in the awards...


People from around the world have been sharing some of the whacky, flashy cars they've seen driving around, with BoredPanda collating the most bizarre.

The Woodland Trust has released a list of the top ten most weird and wonderful creatures that can be found in British woods, as they call for greater protection of their habitat.

Neil Armstrong checked into The White Hart Inn, which is set in the island's West Mersea village, and found that it boasts 'six very comfortable, individually designed double bedrooms'. His room, Little Ditch, is named after one of the many marshy waterways in the area. The food well and truly won him over, with a meal that included 'lushly savoury' watercress and eel soup and 'spectacular' roast cod. Another highlight was a visit to Cudmore Grove Country Park, where 300,000-year-old fossils have been found.

A black pregnant otter can be seen occupying a surfers board while out on the Pacific Ocean off the Santa Cruz coast. The surfer appears to be at a loss as to how to deal with the situation.

The American 'snowbirds' have been doing it for years - flocking to sun-kissed Florida to escape harsh winters in the north of the country. And now Britons are following the trend of escaping to warmer climes abroad, especially as the cost-of-living crisis begins to bite. With long-stay hotel rooms available for bargain prices, it's certainly a much more pleasant way to spend hard-earned savings than losing them to hefty household bills…

Nature lovers from around the world have been taking to social media to share the unusual trees they have spotted, with BoredPanda collating the most bizarre.

Researchers at Western Sydney University have found that over 1,000 tree species are at risk of exceeding their natural climate tolerance, including Queen Elizabeth's favourite oak.

Researchers from the Julius Maximilians University in Wurzberg claim there are a whopping 20 quadrillion ants crawling on Earth.

Nigel Tisdall says that Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, has 'an enigmatic element to it, with its baking hot interior, religious fervour and associations with organised crime'. On his visit to Palermo, he explores the beyond-OTT Sicilian Baroque interiors of Santa Caterina church and wanders through the city's bountiful Capo market, before heading for a dip in the 'bewitching' Tyrrhenian Sea at Mondello beach (main). 'All in all, Palermo is ideal for an authentic Sicilian short break combining cultural wonders, terrific food and poolside downtime,' he concludes. Pictured bottom right is the pool at his hotel - Villa Igiea.

Woburn, Massachusetts residents say a rafter of turkeys have attacked everyone from children on bikes to locals ducking behind their front door.

The couple met through playing online chess together but had never seen each other in real life, until Felicia DiSalvo, 21, jetted from New York to Manchester to meet Zak Broadhurst, 22.

Jane Knight reveals the best places to eat and stay in the Cotswolds - and reflects on her own visit to The Fox (bottom right), a 'rustic-chic' new pub with rooms in Oddington. 'The Cotswolds is so cool these days that its reputation as a honeypot for traditional tourists has changed completely, and it now draws a hip crowd whatever their age,' she says.

Archaeologists have found an intact burial cave containing dozens of artifacts that dates back to the time of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II.

The 100-pound bear - which looks like something straight out of a fairy tale  - was spotted in the western Upper Peninsula, a region of the state where bears are in abundance.

The Ffestiniog Railway, which cuts through the countryside in Wales, is the No.1 scenic train line in Europe. It tops a new ranking by Which? of Europe's '10 best scenic railways', generated from a survey of more than 1,400 travellers, who were asked to rate their favourite scenic journeys across the continent. Second place in the list is shared jointly by Norway's Bergen Railway and the Bernina Express, which weaves from Switzerland to Italy, with Switzerland's Glacier Express taking the bronze medal. Which? says: '[The] top 10 unique train rides all [have] one thing in common - the magic of the scenery outside.' Read on for stunning pictures of the 10 railways that make the cut...

Thompson Hotel on 'Billionaire's Row,' one of the world's priciest neighborhoods, is introducing more affordable apartments starting at $1.3 million above the hotel.

Developed in Heidelberg, Germany, the 'Caracat' gets its name from a blend of the words caravan and catamaran. It's towed on land but has its own motor for pootling on the water.

Pictured: The amazing £1.3million pod homes that sit on pillars above water and in the treetops, featuring panoramic windows and landing pads for drone deliveries

It's a new wave of waterfront living. Futuristic pod homes - called SeaPods - that sit 7.5ft (2.2m) above the water on a post that's anchored to the seabed are under construction in a factory in Linton Bay Marina, Panama. Don't fancy the idea of life on the ocean? You can live in one on the land too. The land-based alternative is known as a 'GreenPod', and it's said to be like a 'futuristic treehouse'. A third 'ecologically and economically friendly' model for both land and sea, called the EcoPod, is also under construction. Read on for more on the quirky abodes...

Trainline sales soared to £2.2billion as the group saw a strong rebound in US customers using its platform to buy train tickets to travel across Europe.

Wildlife hospitals in the Bay Area were flooded with baby squirrels who plummeted out of their nests in search of relief from the heatwave. The squirrels end up injuring themselves.

A British-American adventurer has revealed what it was like travelling into suborbital space for the first time aboard Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin rocket-capsule - and has unveiled exclusively to MailOnline Travel her incredible souvenir photos. Vanessa O'Brien, 57, experienced the 'final frontier' this August and never-before-seen images show her floating around the capsule 65 miles up wearing blue nail polish that matches her spacesuit, with the Earth forming an eye-poppingly majestic background.

The spotted lanternfly has invaded 14 states in the US since it was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014. The bugs are native to Asia and are feasting on, mating and laying eggs in trees.

Disney visitors are complaining about how standards appear to be slipping. Many rides appear to be riddled with faults or end up breaking down completely.

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Aidan Heslop, 20, from the UK won in the men's division while Rhiannan Iffland, 31, from Australia took home gold in the women's competition. Heslop performed four 'high-quality dives' over the two competition days, including one that featured four somersaults and three and a half twists that propelled him to a comfortable 40-point victory over his nearest rival, Gary Hunt.

A striking video of a developing zebrafish embryo has won the 12th annual Nikon Small World In Motion competition. It shows lateral line cells and melanocytes migrating through the fish's body.

Brand new 220mph 'TGV of tomorrow' unveiled that will launch in 2024 with 'modular' coaches that can be converted from first class to second, 5G Wi-Fi and 20% more seats

France's state-owned railway company SNCF has placed a 2.7billion-euro (£2.3billion/$2.7billion) order for 115 TGV Ms - which have a longer, more aerodynamic nose - with the first completed trainset recently presented at maker Alstom's La Rochelle workshop. The next major step will be the 'dynamic test phase' at 200kph (125mph) in Velim in the Czech Republic, by the end of 2022. 'This opens the first chapter in a long period of testing for this high-speed train,' said Alstom. In total, 4,000 jobs will be generated by the TGV M project.

These optical illusions were taken by people around the world, with the very best examples collated by Bored Panda. They include a doggy beard and a cat that seems to float in a cloud.

Dan Sanderson and his family checked in to the recently opened 486-room Club Med Magna Marbella - where the focus is on 'children having the time of their lives'. So great for parents. There are lush gardens, five swimming pools - including a family waterpark - an adult-only Zen Zone and a children's club with 'brilliant' staff. 'From the moment you get up, to midnight and beyond there's never a dull moment,' writes Dan.

Collated by Bored Panda, social media users from around the world have shared pictures revealing some outrageously rude behaviour from their next door neighbours.

Designing a skyscraper is a tall order, but the winners of this year's Emporis Skyscraper Awards have clearly got the hang of it. In the 22nd year of the annual awards, the top 10 were selected from an international pool of more than 600 skyscrapers that were completed in 2021 and stand at least 100m (328ft) tall. Read on to discover which skyscraper designs impressed the jury the most...

Sarah Hartley visits The Lygon Arms in Broadway village and learns a previous guest from Tennessee has stayed there 22 times. Staff 'keep the hotel running slickety-slick', says Sarah.

Instagrammers are flocking to an award-winning library just south of one of Australia's major cities to capture colourful snaps of its towering rainbow reading wall.

Chichibugahama Beach, on Shikoku Island, is dotted with tide pools that reflect the sky - resulting in a striking photo opportunity. The beach has been tagged over 175,000 times on Instagram and even has its own Instagram page, which showcases the best mirrored snapshots captured by visitors. Popular poses that travellers strike include jumping in the air, holding up balloons, or walking with props such as umbrellas. Read on for more on the curious attraction...

You don't need to wade way out into the sea or the middle of a lake to get a sense of the infinite. Fabulous infinity pools are designed to give you a frog's-eye view of the world tumbling away at the water's edge, all without having to check tide times or worry about conditions getting a little rough for swimming. Perhaps you want to complete a few lengths while elephants and zebras cool off at a nearby watering hole, or stare out from the water's edge over the clifftops of Italy's most majestic coastline (inset). Or simply take in the moodiness of the Lake District without having to face up to the inclement weather. You'll find infinity pools that allow you to do just that - and here are some of the world's most enticing examples...

A new gallery compiled by Bored Panda features snaps people have shared of disastrous building and renovation projects from around the world.

Is THIS the most stunning place to stay in the French capital? Inside the uber-luxury Cheval Blanc Paris, which boasts Europe's largest indoor hotel pool and pinch-me views of the river Seine and skyline

Ted Thornhill checks into one of Cheval Blanc Paris's 72 rooms and declares that it's an 'extraordinary' hotel. He writes: '[It] delivers on every level, from the breathtaking views and incredible location by the river Seine (top right) to the impeccable service, from the superb dining options to the sensational bedrooms and from the spoil-me-rotten Dior Spa that features the largest indoor hotel swimming pool in Europe (main) to the way luxury oozes from every inch of the interior. And then there's the art - eye-catching throughout. Often museum-worthy.'

Nick Redman finds that Crete's south-west coast is 'filled with transparent shallows, unfussy tavernas and lurid sunsets that will make you feel carefree and 25 again'.

The remarkable scene was captured on film for the BBC's new Frozen Planet II, along with the poignant moments when the adult birds leave their young to their fate.

If there were Greek island Top Trumps, this 12-mile-long Saronic Gulf honeypot would be nigh-on unbeatable. So says Ted Thornhill, who spends eight days on the island, discovering remote beaches, magical coves and rustic tavernas. All wheeled vehicles are banned on the island, which 'generates a remarkably tranquil and carefree vibe'. Read on for more...

Tamara Panzino, a 20-year nursing veteran, was on board Spirit Airlines flight 1691 on Thursday when three-month old Anjelé suddenly stopped breathing 30 minutes after takeoff from Pennsylvania.

Researchers from University College London used AI to develop the approach, which they say can detect items with 100 per cent accuracy.

The Bird Photographer of the Year awards, an annual contest celebrating bird life, this year received more than 20,000 submissions from around the world. Commenting on the winning images, Will Nicholls, Director of Bird Photographer of the Year, says: 'Once again our talented photographers have cast a light on the incredible diversity of bird life that we share our planet with. But it is also a stark reminder of what we stand to lose if we don't continue to look after the natural world and fight for its protection from the many threats that exist today.' Read on to see the magnificent prizewinners...

The next three months will be a fragile time that could usher in a string of failures if travellers facing higher household bills cut back on flying.

The papyrus was eventually located in the state of Montana, where its owner explained that his mother had received it as a gift while visiting Jerusalem in 1965.

The winners of the 2022 Drone Photo Awards are in, and they're likely to leave you thunderstruck - especially the two that show dramatic storm clouds brewing. This year, thousands of aerial images were submitted to the contest by over 2,600 photographers from 116 countries worldwide. As well as documenting spectacular storms, scenes captured by the winning entries include a crocodile feasting on a dead hippopotamus in Zambia, a pair of polar bears playing together in the Arctic, and a huge iron ore train weaving through the Sahara Desert.

Every week, our Holiday Hero takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. This week: coach-based holidays with a touch of luxury.

The Grove of Narberth in Pembrokeshire boasts 25 bedrooms, a courtyard for al fresco breakfast and a huge walled garden. Read on to find out why the Inspector gives it five stars...

Harriet Sime ventures to Pater Noster off the west coast of Sweden, where 'brisk, icy swims in the ocean are followed by steamy dips in the salt-water hot tub'.

Until Brexit, dogs enjoyed the Common Travel area between Ireland and the UK. But now, as John McEntee found out, travelling with four-legged friends isn't so easy...

Fiona McIntosh bases herself in a B&B in the largest of Cinque Terre's 'gelato-coloured' villages, Monterosso, from which she sets off each morning to walk a stretch of the Cinque Terre trail. 'Walking really is the most wonderful way to see the Cinque Terre as the trails which wind along the coast between each village offer the most spectacular views of the teal-blue sea below,' she says. Her afternoons are spent cooling off in the sea and basking in the sunshine on Monterosso's beach. She says of the region: 'The soul-lifting beauty of the walks, the food, the sea and the paintbox-pretty villages mean it's about time the Cinque Terre was claimed as a very British Italian holiday destination.'

Vicki Reeve finds that the Cornish hotel has 'old-school elegance' combined with 'airy modernity'. And thanks to a ban on under-12s - 'a more adult atmosphere'.

A study has ranked 20 top European cities for value by comparing tourist costs including evening meals and hotel accommodation. Lisbon comes second, Venice second from bottom. Read on for more.

The winners for the 2022 iPhone Photography Awards show that some Apple smartphone users don't need any upgrade in camera equipment to produce something truly memorable. The annual awards, which is in its 15th year, received 'thousands of submissions from all over the world', with many of this year's winning shots depicting 'beauty rising out of isolation' and honouring 'photography's ability to build bridges across lost connections', according to the judges. Other images that impressed the jury include a dramatic shot of the Empire State Building looming over New York, an adorable picture of a curled-up fox, and a dynamic picture of a blowhole erupting in Australia. Here's MailOnline Travel's pick of the magnificent winners and finalists...

The Nullarbor Plain in southern Australia is an extremely flat and almost featureless desert that extends over 600 miles, but it once contained a vast, prehistoric ocean that led to the coral's formation.

The attraction, based in the Hangloose Adventure Bluewater park in Dartford, is said to give visitors the 'chance to experience the thrill of skydiving against a backdrop of chalk cliffs'.

Forests, by Kieron Connolly, published by Amber Books, is a 'pictorial exploration of an ancient ecosystem that covers four billion hectares of the Earth's surface'.

Le Commandant Charcot (main), the newest addition to French line Ponant's fleet, is a leader in a new wave of greener cruise ships. The ship, which ferries passengers in the 'lap of luxury', has a hybrid electric and liquid natural gas (LNG) propulsion system and is filled with eco-innovations that vastly reduce the impact of bringing visitors to the delicate environments of the Arctic and Antarctic. Other green ships to sail on include Havila Voyages' Havila Capella (bottom right), which is a hybrid LNG electric ship, and the A-Rosa Sena (top right), which uses a hybrid propulsion system.

The bizarre image posted to social media appears to show an alligator strapped to the tailgate of an SUV in Brevard County. The gator was likely hunted as part of hunting season which runs until November.

The Bristol Mollie's Motel & Diner, just off the M5, is a 'clever' concept, says the Inspector - Californian dining with Scandi-vibe rooms. He's impressed with the staff too - 'they have a sense of purpose'.

There is little more exhilarating than seeing some of the world's rarest and most spectacular wildlife in its natural habitat. And these habitats - the shadowy crags of mountains, dense green rainforests, vast expanses of ocean - are often remote and far flung from the usual tourist trails, so getting to them can be an entire adventure in itself. So if you're ready to ditch the sunloungers in order to witness mother nature's most jaw-dropping spectacles, here are the pick of the best holidays designed to showcase Earth's extraordinary creatures while protecting them and their often fragile environments.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) said temperatures in Europe had been the 'highest on record for both the month of August and the summer (June-August) as a whole'.

Oliver Bennett set out to enjoy the 'beer, gastronomy and culture' of the Czech Republic, drinking Pils lager in Pilsen and making his own glass tankard in Prague.

Phineas Wilson says that you 'certainly won't forget sleeping with elephants' at Anantara Chiang Rai hotel, which lies in the Golden Triangle Elephant Camp in North Thailand. He reveals: 'We were joined by two giant beasts just ten yards away. Their ears flapped as I sat up, feeling a little absurd exposed to the elements in my striped pyjamas by the banks of the River Ruak, with Myanmar (formerly Burma) a few yards across the water.' He enjoyed a candlelit dinner on the deck of his tent, and watched the nearby elephants 'endlessly chomping grass, trunks swooshing the air as they tucked in'. Read on for more on the Thai retreat...

The airport staff were busted on Tuesday by a woman sitting in a terminal, as she was waiting for her Air Canada flight to board.

The return of an animal absent from the capital for more than a century was discovered through a hidden wildlife camera installed by conservation charity the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Mark Edmonds stays at Turkey's Liberty Fabay Hotel and finds that it's 'intended to appeal to all, with most of the activities centred on the pools and aimed at all age groups'.

According to the Which? Travel ranking, York (pictured) is the number one big city, Cambridge the highest-ranking medium-sized city, and Wells the top small city.

The Sluishuis residential building juts out over the IJ waterfront on the outskirts of Amsterdam, creating the illusion that it's 'floating' on the water - and it has been designed to resemble from some angles the bow of a ship. Small boats can even sail under a triangular opening at the base of the building - which brings light and views of the water to the inner apartments - and dock within an inner port.

Amateur chefs from around the world, have been sharing their kitchen disasters - with a handful of the very worst curated into a gallery by Bored Panda.

Holidaymakers on a flight from Melbourne to Bali have called out a man who delayed their flight for lighting a cigarette in his seat as they waited for the plane to takeoff.

Train vs plane from the English to the Scottish capital: Travel experts film a fascinating race between a 125mph LNER Azuma and an easyJet Airbus A320 from London to Edinburgh

London to Edinburgh has long been one of the UK's classic rail journeys, heavily romanticised by the Flying Scotsman and today a 400-mile route serviced by state-of-the-art 125mph electric trains. They're an understandably popular option to reach the capital of Scotland - Time Out's 'best city in the world 2022' - from the capital of England. Their hottest competition? Undoubtedly the plane, with hopper flights whisking passengers from the south and over the border in around an hour once airborne. Both modes of transport have their devotees - but which is quickest? Travel experts from The Points Guy UK decided to find out...

After strolling through the area's deep woods and staying at the 'exquisitely landscaped' Tawny Hotel, Rob Crossan says that this part of Staffordshire has 'never looked prettier'.

The mesmerising qualities of decay and neglect are brought to light in these haunting photos. They are by Yorkshire-based photographer Simon Sugden, who delved into derelict buildings across the UK and documented his finds in a new tome titled Abandoned Britain, published by Amberley Books. While the buildings he captured have been left empty, 'often to gently decay and rot', the publisher notes that 'a ghostly presence of their previous life remains'.

An eccentric home in the heart of Canada has hit the market for $1.95 million, and it offers guests a very bizarre feature - a toilet at the foot of the bedroom.

The vessel, which is thought to be owned by a Swiss businessman but was sailing under a British flag, ran aground after hitting rocks just 49ft off the island of Kythnos.

Photographers from all over the world collectively submitted over 8,000 images to the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022 awards. Here are the amazing winners...

Every week, our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. This week: alfresco dining at staycation hotels.

You're invited on a voyage across every continent to all corners of the world in search of the lost, disappearing and vanished. Your guide is author and cultural commentator Travis Elborough, who in Atlas of Vanishing Places: The Lost Worlds As They Were And As They Are Today ( Aurum Press ) - with the help of fascinating maps by Martin Brown - investigates not just how the world appears today, but how it once looked. Elborough charts natural wonders that are shrinking at an alarming rate, from the Congo Basin Rainforest to the Everglades and the Dead Sea, and threatened man-made worlds, from Skara Brae in Orkney to the vast ancient city of Chan Chan in north-west Peru. There's also the river in Canada that vanished in four days - and the submerged pirate town in the Caribbean.

Every week our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. This week: Holidays return to Sri Lanka.

Carl Honore, author of It's the Journey Not The Destination, reveals that when you slow down on holiday, 'you start noticing things, your senses come alive, you come home recharged... '

Globetrotting mum's viral TikTok video reveals a timesaving hack for packing and unpacking - place outfits in a clothes divider, drop it into a suitcase... then hang it up afterwards

Lora McLaughlin Peterson's 'one-step pack and unpack travel hack' video shows her filling a wardrobe divider with folded clothes and collapsing it into her suitcase. When she arrives at her destination, she simply takes out the divider and hangs it up. The 52-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles, tells MailOnline Travel that she shot the video when she was travelling to New York - a place she often visits with her family. She has since used it when packing for trips to London and the Bahamas. She notes that a wardrobe divider is 'one of those things that we all have access to and it's budget-friendly'. 'It works with any suitcase, as you can buy the size that fits the luggage you already own,' she says.

On this eight-day trip, horticulturist Christine will join you at the festival, host an exclusive talk and spend a day with you touring some of Madeira's finest gardens.

The Grade II property, which was last lived in during 2005 and has remained untouched ever since, has a pair of pumps in the front garden.

Carlton Reid checked into Stockholm's Yasuragi hotel. In terms of aesthetics, 'Japandi' styling - a combination of Scandanavian functionality and Japanese aesthetics - runs throughout. The onsen too, Carlton says, is a fusion of cultures with several hot water pools and four saunas, including an outdoor one with 'an oblong window looking out over the Baltic Sea, the view partially and deliberately obscured by gently rustling pine trees'. Read on for more...

Charlotte Rees, 32, slipped on a protective boot to trick staff as she flew from Manchester to Majorca with her fiancé Paul Brown, 33. A TikTok video of her trick divided opinion.

The bear decided to plunge into the water and apparently swims a couple of lengths before climbing back over the garden wall and going about its business.

The video shows the route taken by the Jungfrau Railway in Switzerland's Bernese Alps, travelling from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch - Europe's highest train station.

Harriet Sime (pictured) joins a class of 16 trainees at Virgin's training centre in Crawley, near Gatwick airport, with the youngest being 18 and the eldest 56.

The ranking has been drawn up using the results of a Which? survey of thousands of its members. They were asked to rate over 6,700 UK experiences using nine criteria. This year marks the second time the Royal Yacht Britannia has topped the UK historic attractions ranking. Coming a close joint second are Culzean Castle and the Roman Baths and Pump Room in Bath. Read on for the full results...

Bristol Zoo Gardens, which has been open for 186 years on the edge of Clifton Downs, will be turned into sustainable homes, with the Bristol Zoological Society saying their 'hands were forced'.

The dust storm hit the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where it's been held since the early 1990s, on Saturday just before the main Burning Man event - igniting the wooden 'man' effigy.

Hotel Wilmina, which opened this year, lies in the city's Charlottenburg district. Dividing walls in the cells have been taken out to create interconnecting rooms, but the bars are intact...

Simon Heptinstall checks into The Hand in the village of Llanarmon and finds that the hotel 'offers a rare mix - fine cuisine amid authentic muddy countryside'.

The One Eyeland Photography Awards crowns 'the very best' professional and amateur photographers around the globe 'based on originality and quality of execution'.

The list, drawn up by Big 7 Travel, names the Salling Rooftop in Denmark as Europe's best rooftop bar. Read on to find out where else to go for pints paired with panoramic views...

Sudi Pigott ventured to Tenerife to discover 'why it has become quite the foodie hotspot... so long as you know where to look'. Well, she does - and reveals all here. She stayed in the Royal Hideaway Corales Beach hotel (main), which at breakfast offers 'a bread range to make a Bake Off winner swoon', ate at the likes of Starfish Restaurant (inset and top right) and reflected on it all at Les Teresitas beach (bottom right).

Free tickets are available to tourists and Spanish residents for bookings on cercanias (commuter service) or media distancia (medium-distance) trains offered by Renfe, the national operator.

Lizzie Enfield checked into The Carpenters Arms in the village of Great Wilbraham. The four-bedroom pub now has a jewel-pink dining room and funky furniture. Read on for more...

At the heart of Maria Golia's book about the history of treasure-seeking and tomb-raiding in Egypt is the idea that, despite all our technology and progress, people don't change.

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset is one of rural England's best known backdrops after it was used in the famous 1973 Hovis advert, but visitors say the view has been 'ruined' by scaffolding.

Alan's love affair with Crete began in 2014 when he first visited the island with his wife, staying in 'a one-bedroom place in the middle of nowhere'. That middle of nowhere was Livadia village, where they would eat at a threadbare cafe-cum-general-store 'run by a surly chap named Dimitri'. 'Each table had its own uninterrupted view of the sunsets across the specular surface of the sea,' Alan writes. Here he recalls that blissful first visit and reveals his favourite parts of the island, from the city of Chania (main) to the 'gorgeous' Samaria Gorge (bottom right) and from Agia Galini to Elafonisi beach (top right).

Rebecca Ford describes Chichester as a city that 'feels like a market town'. Here she describes how she delves into its fascinating history and explores its remarkable art and architecture...

Every week, our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. This week: stylish city breaks for September.

Jo Kessel, who boarded the new Princess Cruises ship on a seven-night voyage from LA to Mexico, says: 'Discovery Princess is a beautiful and exciting new vessel on which to explore the world.'

Lord Carnarvon (inset left) journeys down the Nile with his wife aboard the Viking Osiris (main), which he was recently made godfather of. Their voyage comes 100 years after Lord Carnarvon's great-grandfather discovered Tutankhamun, along with the archaeologist Howard Carter (inset right). On their 12-day trip the couple take in Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings - and fly over it in a hot air balloon - gaze upon the Pyramids of Giza, marvel at the antiquities housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, are wowed by Karnak Temple, and have a special dinner at the Winter Palace hotel where Lord Carnarvon's great-grandfather used to 'entertain and throw parties'.

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Boulogne offers a fortified Upper City brimming with history, while downhill there's a bustling shopping area and the huge fishing port. Here's how to best to explore the area without breaking the bank.

Portugal's second-largest city is on a roll, says Mark Palmer, having been declared a World Heritage Site and restaurants and bars taking advantage of more direct flights from the UK. Read on for more...

Setting off from La Coquillade (bottom right), a hotel for cycle enthusiasts, Mark Porter peddles through honey-coloured villages and along the oldest road in France on his bike tour. 'Trips like mine focus on the villages and vineyards of Luberon,' he explains, adding: 'France's enormous network of cycleways and planned routes make it one of the most cycle-friendly countries on the planet. And what better way to burn up the calories of its fabulous gastronomic tradition?' Read on for more on his e-bike odyssey...

Ryan, 45, was kayaking with his son Aidan, 19, and their Australian Shepherd Shelby on August 9 in Desolation Sound, Discovery Islands when they witnessed the incredible spectacle

There's a Hotel Brooklyn in Manchester - and now there's one in Leicester. It opened only last month and it's located 'bang next door' to the Leicester Tigers stadium. The Inspector investigates...

Britannia has been named the UK's worst large hotel chain by Which? for nine years running. This year it scored a miserly 49 per cent in a survey by the consumer champion, far below Premier Inn, which topped the list with a score of 79 per cent. But what is the difference between the best and the worst? And is the worst really that bad? We decided to find out. With UV torches to sweep for stains packed in our bags, we checked into a Britannia hotel in London and a Premier Inn in Cambridge to put the two chains head to head. Ailbhe MacMahon checked into the Premier Inn and was impressed by an 'extremely comfy' bed, 'really polite' staff and 'brilliant value' breakfast. Ted Thornhill spent the night in the Britannia and discovered why the chain has such a poor reputation - a huge blue skip marred the entrance, dirty glasses were waiting for him outside his room and in the morning dirty plates and cutlery from the night before tainted the public spaces. Read on for more...

Eurostar is to axe its direct train service between London and Disneyland Paris, pinning the decision to focus on 'core routes' instead on post-Brexit travel restrictions and financial constraints.

Ibiza is a haven for the famous with the likes of Poppy Delevigne throwing a 30th party at a rented villa, Calvin Harris and Vick Hope moving there and Millie Mackintosh enjoying a yoga retreat.

A sensational infinity pool, jaw-dropping views and looks worthy of a starring role in a Bond movie: Inside the amazing new cliffside Corfu hotel with a licence to impress - A LOT

MailOnline Travel's Ted Thornhill checks into the recently opened Angsana Corfu hotel and discovers a retreat with 'palatial swagger' with sweeping views of the Ionian Sea. He says his sea-view room is 'the last word in serene luxury', the infinity pool a 'true wonder' and the food at the hotel's fine-dining restaurant, Botrini's, 'exquisite'. He also reserves plenty of praise for the hotel's beach club. He writes: 'Guests [at the hotel] all generally carry smug expressions, brought on by the realisation that they've hit the hotel jackpot.'

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A dramatic clifftop home with 'world class' sea views has gone on the market for offers over £1.95million. The home is about 100ft above sea level that looks out over St Austell Bay in Cornwall.

Since reopening in April of last year, the company has made a host of changes to its parks in Florida and California, nixing perks and ramping up prices, causing the cost of a visit to rise dramatically.

In Belgium, following professional cycling is almost a religion. And for cyclists, the Flandrien Hotel in the country's Flanders region is heaven, discovered Carlton Reid.

Amie Gordon spent seven days at The Body Camp hotel in Mallorca, where guests are encouraged to ditch the booze and their phones to work on mind, body and soul. Find out how she survived...

See Britain in a different light courtesy of these illuminating photos. They feature in the new book Britain by Night, published by Amberley Publishing, which celebrates the atmospheric nighttime photography of British landscape and astrophotographer Mark McNeill. McNeill, who is based in the North-West of England, says that the idea for the book 'was to try and capture Britain in a unique way'. 'Most people take photos during the day; well, I get a buzz out of taking photos at night, so I thought I'd travel the whole of Britain,' he writes. Here is a selection of 15 of the striking images that are showcased in the tome...

Even as it racked up another year of losses, Qantas said demand was on the rise in a clear sign the worst of the Covid-19 debacle was behind it.

It would mean the flying time between Miami and London could be slashed from eight hours and 45 minutes to five, and between New York and London from six-and-a-half hours to three-and-a-half.

Ireland's islands offer an escape to those who are keen to learn more about the country's culture away from the crowds. Here's our pick of Ireland's stunning must-visit isles...

A study has revealed that Chester has the highest percentage of buildings - 83.7 per cent - that align with the 'golden ratio'. Venice has a 'beauty score' of 83.3 per cent and London 83 per cent.

This is according to new data from Strava, the social platform for sports, which also shows that the climb up Whernside peak in the Yorkshire Dales and the trail for Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales, are popular with hikers. Since the pandemic, the number of global Strava users uploading information about their hikes has tripled, the platform reveals. Read on for more on Britain's favourite hikes...

Nigel Tisdall praises Berlin's 'openness and creative energy' as he explores the city's flagship art museum and stays at the family-run Hotel Oderberger.

Passport wait times are still causing massive headaches with most states having wait times of four to eight weeks, but in WA the situation is far more dire with delays up to four months.

It pays to research the local laws before heading off on holiday, as we reveal here. Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy all have rules that may surprise you. Other banned activities in Europe include washing hair, sleeping on the beach and drinking in public. And don't turn up in a car with a GB sticker...

Sadie Nicholas speaks to the ordinary families that have moved into castles. UK-based writer finds a couple who paid just over £500k for a tower-style castle

Palaeontologists from the University of Lisbon have uncovered an 82-foot long sauropod dinosaur skeleton in a man's yard. The homeowner found the bones when doing construction work.

The annual Time Out ranking, which is in its second year, sets out to 'shine a spotlight on some of the most culturally-vibrant and dynamic microcosms of cities globally'. The 33-strong list was compiled from a survey of more than 20,000 global city-dwellers, who were asked to nominate their city's coolest street. Time Out's global editorial team then whittled down the selections, taking into account 'food, drink, fun, art, culture, nightlife and community vibes'. Time Out says that first-place Rue Wellington in Montreal offers 'killer cocktail bars, stellar brunch spots, some of the best sandwiches in town and even a sandy urban beach'. Here is the full ranking...

For those who prefer character and style to the bland uniformity of the corporate chains, staying in a beautifully restored villa, palazzo or hotel that's family-owned and run is the perfect way to experience la dolce vita. And with increasing numbers of Italian aristocrats and wealthy families opening their palatial homes to guests, the choice of historic, character-filled accommodation has never been greater, or grander. Here's our guide on where to stay, from a 13th-century palace in Lombardy to a Tuscan villa that 'oozes unpretentious luxury'...

The twin giant pandas, one male and one female, are said to be in good health and are spending time with their mother. They were born through artificial insemination at a breeding center.

Starbucks was given a big thumbs down by the people of Stroud, famous for its independent town centre traders and the birthplace of Extinction Rebellion as the chain goes opens a new shop.

Island-hopping around the Faroes, Lucy Daltroff finds that 'with miles of cliffs, mountains and waterfalls, this is one of the world's most mysterious and magical landscapes'. On the tiny island of Skuvoy, she gets the chance to experience village life, enjoying Faroese home dining in a little stone cottage. She also visits the small national art gallery, Listasavn Foroya, and catches a boat from Vestmanna, on the west of the island of Streymoy, to see the 'spectacular' bird cliffs nearby. 'The Faroes are an enticing getaway,' she admits.

The dugong has been declared the first functionally extinct large mammal in Chinese waters by scientists from the Zoological Society of London and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Greece is the word... for hordes of tourists! Photographs reveal the reality of a peak-season holiday in one of the world's most popular destinations

Greece was the ninth most-booked country on the planet for UK travellers in July and August 2022 and the third most-booked country worldwide, according to Skyscanner - and the Greek tourist board revealed that in the first week of August alone, one million holidaymakers arrived at airports in the country. But what does this data mean for someone travelling to the country in peak season? These shocking photos - which MailOnline Travel Editor Ted Thornhill took on a jaunt to Greece earlier this month and are shown next to brochure-style images for contrast - reveal that it can mean standing elbow to elbow with other visitors at major tourist sights and struggling to find any kind of reasonably-sized slice of sand on the beach. Unless you get up very early... or, like Boris Johnson, have a security team to clear the way.

The pictures were taken by the finalists of the Weather Photographer of the Year competition which is being run by the Royal Meteorological Society, in association with AccuWeather.

Social media users from around the world have been sharing their terrifyingly bad designs, with Bored Panda collating the most shocking into a hilarious gallery.

American vs Delta vs United: From 'bizarre food' to 'well-designed' seats, travel experts test the business class cabins of the three biggest U.S airlines on flights from Heathrow to New York

They're America's three biggest airlines and all offer services between London and New York, the biggest money-spinning airline corridor in the world. But how are American Airlines, Delta and United ensuring they reel in the big business-class bucks for this route? Travel experts from The Points Guy UK (TPG UK) find out...

From a man being snatched by an eagle to another man flashing Ronald McDonald, these photos are sure to leave you in stitches. They were shared in a Bored Panda gallery.

Officials have ringfenced £38 million for the initiative which aims to help entice people to rural areas of Italy and bolster commerce in small towns by affording homebuyers considerable financial aid

The 361ft- (110m) long Stella del Sud superyacht has been designed by the Italian studio Gabriele Teruzzi, which describes the vessel as a 'glistening diamond'.

Staying at the 'laid-back' Hillside Beach Club in Kalemya, Angelina Villa-Clarke finds that this sweep of Turkish coastline has water that 'dazzles with the shades of a peacock'.

Ailbhe MacMahon checks into The One Palacio da Anunciada in Lisbon's Baixa district, and finds it's a 'suitably historical base from which to explore the history of the city'. It's housed in a former palace that was destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, only to be rebuilt later in the 18th century. Following an extensive renovation, it opened its doors as a five-star hotel in 2019. 'I arrive in the midst of a heatwave, but the lobby is cool and breezy, with glossy marble floors, a striking stone "royal staircase", and a coffered ceiling - features of the old palace that have been painstakingly restored,' says Ailbhe. Her 'decadent' room has Portuguese ceramics on the walls and an ensuite fitted in a beautiful blush pink marble. The cherry on top, however, is the pool, which offers a 'mesmerising view across one of Europe's most beautiful and fascinating cities'.

A stunning historic estate near the Yorkshire Coast that survived an attack from a notorious American pirate is now for sale for £1.6 million. It features 13 bedrooms, six bathrooms and six additional rooms.

Andrea Blanco experienced the Polaris suite on a flight from Newark Airport in New Jersey to Palma. Was she impressed? Read on to find out...

They are in every American city and town - grandiose movie palaces, constructed during the heyday of the entertainment industry, that now stand abandoned, empty, decaying, or repurposed. Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have long been fascinated with these early 20th-century relics. From 2005 they criss-crossed America to capture them on camera, eventually collating their shots into a fascinating new book titled Movie Theaters, published by Prestel.

Sarah Turner checked into The Princess Royal, which is surrounded by white stucco mansions, and found that the property tackles everything 'with aplomb'.

Describing the advantages of a cricket-themed holiday, Tom Chesshyre says: 'You make friends in the stands, enjoy the game, and the place you are visiting comes alive.'

On his visit to the busiest airport in Europe, Robert Hardman witnesses bags flying up a ramp at 20mph and spies 23 huge X-ray machines and 20 miles of conveyor belt for luggage.

In a survey respondents rated 19 UK holiday parks out of five across seven categories - cleanliness, quality of accommodation, customer service, facilities, entertainment, food and drink, and value for money.

Every week our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. This week: new choices for winter sun. He says: 'New routes to the sun are opening up for late autumn and beyond. Airlines say demand is so high that many of their "summer-only" routes will fly for several extra months. Some are now due to last all year, and many of the new routes are from regional airports so there's no need to travel to London.'

This week broadcaster and author Michael Portillo checks in to our travel Q&A. He also discusses his favourite Spanish city - Madrid - and recalls walking the Camino Way.

The 'Saga' superyacht was sailing from Gallipoli in southern Italy to Milazzo in Sicily between Saturday night and Sunday morning when disaster struck as she was crossing the Gulf of Squillace.

Not everyone realises that the Interrail pass is not just for those aged under 28. Anyone can buy one, albeit at a slightly higher price than the youth fare, although it drops again if you're 60 or over. And a great thing about travelling by train 'at a certain age' is that you can splash out on swisher hotels along the route, indulge at swankier restaurants and hire tour guides to give you a greater understanding of your destination. Pictured: An Interrail pass from 1982 (inset), an Interrailing backpacker at London's Victoria Station in 1985 (top right), a sleeping compartment in an Austrian OBB train (bottom right), and a train passing through vineyards above Switzerland's Lake Geneva (main).

Rob Crossan explores Much Wenlock where, in the 1850s, a local doctor established the Olympian Games, a tournament that included athletics as well as greased pig catching.

Kaunas in Lithuania is one of three European Capitals of Culture for 2022. Sarah Holt spent a long weekend there, visiting classic sights and discovering what's new for 2022.

Ted Thornhill checks into Hotel Frederic Carrion, a characterful 10-bedroom former coaching inn situated in the village of Vire in southern Burgundy. Read on for more...

These one-of-a-kind rentals have captured the imaginations of travellers around the globe. The list also includes a luxurious apartment inside a cave in Crete, an 18th-century church in Germany, and a charming Airbnb overlooking Italy's Lake Trasimeno. Airbnb reveals that, in 2021, total earnings for 'unique stays' were higher than for regular listings, with unique listings earning nearly $1billion (£820million) on the platform globally. It also notes that between 2019 and 2021, nights booked at its unique properties increased globally by nearly 50 per cent and by 113 per cent in the UK in 2021 alone. Read on for the eight most popular quirky properties on the platform - which one would you book?

James describes the region as 'the food destination that has it all' - and he'll share its secrets and delights with you on this eight-day luxury river cruise along the Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde.

Sean Thomas's 'glorious, gluttonous road trip' begins in Essex then proceeds around the tummy of England, with seafood platters, Colchester oysters and local beers along the way.

Tom Chesshyre (inset) grabbed a faux-leather seat in economy on the first Norse 787-9 to JFK. He explains that the rock-bottom £303 fare gets you a seat - 'and not much else'. You pay £25 for a hot meal, £2.90 for headphones and £2.90 for mineral water. Want a blanket? That'll be £4.15. He says that his salmon dish on the way over was as good as any dish he's had on a flight, but his Thai chicken on the way back was 'tasteless and rubbery'. His verdict? 'Grab the cheapest fares, but don't expect an airline Ritz.'