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Brooklyn, 23, is one of the most famous celebrity offspring in the world - with his parents being soccer star David Beckham and fashion icon Victoria Beckham - but Nicola, 27, is no stranger to a life of wealth and fame. Her father is actually a billionaire investor who started as a delivery truck driver and worked his way up to launch one of the biggest food distributing companies in the world, earning him a net worth of $1.6 billion. Nicola has seven full siblings and two half siblings - some of whom have also launched impressive careers and have propelled themselves into the spotlight for their own achievements. All of them have appeared to form a super tight bond with Brooklyn amid speculation that Nicola is feuding with the Beckham's - leaving many to wonder, does the aspiring chef's loyalties lie with his new family? Rumors have been swirling for months now that Nicola and Brooklyn's mom, former Spice Girl Victoria, 48, are in the midst of a rift - and Brooklyn seems to be team Peltz in the drama. The photographer often shares snaps with his wife and her family members, but he hasn't posted anything about his own relatives since July, when he wished his younger sister, Harper, a happy birthday.

The eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama rocked a white crop top while and a pair of khaki pants - as well as some New Balance sneakers. The funky, baggy trousers contained small holes throughout, while the tiny belly-shirt contained a twist design that left her flat stomach on full display. She and her unnamed pal stopped to get coffee at upscale café Intelligentsia; the Harvard graduate, 24, kept her eyes hidden in a pair of dark shades and kept her long, braided hair pulled back loosely with a clip. Missing from the coffee run was Malia's boyfriend, Dawit Eklund. The pair have returned to California after visiting New York City together, as they were seen taking a stroll around the Big Apple last week. Malia and Dawit - an Ethiopian DJ - were first linked on July 26, when the two were caught grabbing takeout food together. Since then, they have been pictured side-by-side on numerous occasions. The music producer, 33, co-founded Washington, D.C.-based record label 1432 R and is the son of retired State Department officer Jon Eklund, 72, who worked at several US embassies in Africa and his wife Yeshi, 66.

SHOPPING: The MySilvi silk pillowcases change the definition of 'beauty' sleep, according to satisfied shoppers. And this TikTok video shows how they protect skin better than average cases

Lauren Singer, 31, took on a 'zero-waste' lifestyle in 2012, which means she tries to produce as little garbage as possible to improve the environment. In 2017, she went viral after she posted a YouTube video in which she showcased all the rubbish she had built up in four years - and it fit into a 16-ounce jar. Now, Lauren has revealed what goes into her eco-friendly lifestyle, and detailed some of the small changes she has made to achieve her close-to-trash-free living. The influencer, from New York, uses a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste that she made herself, and plastic-free floss. She also created her own deodorant, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and dog food in an attempt to avoid creating unnecessary waste. Lauren also strictly avoids all plastic - using stainless steel appliances and reusable bags - and she buys all of her clothes at second-hand stores.

Paltrow, whose milestone birthday is on September 27, wrote about her past and her hopes for the future in an essay that was published by Goop on Thursday.

Brinkley took to Instagram this week to share a video of herself using her favorite beauty products while opening up about her anti-aging routine.

Caitlin Fladager, 28, from Canada, said she thought there was 'no hope' for her and her husband, Noah Slomski, 27, until she looked at a video she had taken and saw the loving way he looked at her.

Celebrity chef Dan Churchill has revealed how to make the best ever chocolate brownies using one very surprising key ingredient.

To fashion lovers, Milan is the event not to missed. And Carla Bruni, 54, certainly looked to be enjoying her moment modelling TOD's Spring/Summer collection. Joining Naomi Campell on the catwalk, the pair stunned in long muted trench coats (pictured left, right, and inset).



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King Charles (pictured) is willing to give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's children (pictured) the prince and princess titles they are owed - but there is a caveat and that caveat is trust, according to a royal expert. Speaking during the latest episode of True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, Katie Nicholl discussed speculation over whether Harry and Meghan's children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, will get new titles. Following the death of the Queen, who died peacefully at Balmoral on September 8, aged 96, the Sussex children are entitled to the titles as grandchildren of the monarch. However, as Katie noted, the children are still listed on the royal website as 'Master' and 'Miss'. She said that King Charles is 'willing to give those titles, but it comes with a caveat, and that caveat is trust'.

The model, once dubbed the 'most beautiful royal', opted for a low-key ensemble, complete with black trousers and an orange and black vest when stepping out in the Italian city.

Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals, claimed the new Prince of Wales, 40, is unlikely to let bygones be bygones - despite showing a united front with the Duke of Sussex, 38, during a walkabout in Windsor following the Queen's death. Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Ms Nicholl said: 'William simply can't forgive [Harry], not just for his behavior and what he's done and how he's done it, but look at how much now rests on William. 'He always thought Harry would be his wingman, now he's doing it on his own. Thank goodness he's got Kate by his side,' added the author. In the book, soon to be published about The Firm, Ms Nicholl addresses the deepening division between the Sussexes and other members of the Royal Family after Harry and wife Meghan Markle decided to step down as senior royals and begin a new life in the US in 2020.

Lady Amelia and Eliza Spencer have shared a glimpse of their glamorous trip to Milan after attending the city's Fashion Week (right). Princess Diana's twin nieces, 30, posted snaps of their holiday to Milan on Instagram, just days after they revealed they went to Michael Kors' Spring Summer 2023 show in New York. The blonde beauties were dressed in all their finery for Delcore's Fathom fashion show in Milan on September 21. The pair previously shared snaps of themselves in New York as they made the most of their American getaway and enjoyed some sightseeing, and dinner at the world famous Carlyle Hotel, which was beloved by JFK during his administration.  The model twins seem to be enjoying exploring what Amelia dubbed 'her favourite city' as they made the 'most special memories.' (left and centre).

An explosive new biography of Queen Consort Camilla by Angela Levin has described how the then-Duchess of Cornwall 'warmly' welcomed Meghan and was 'fond' of her.

Prince Albert of Monaco, 63, looked dapper in a smart navy suit as he took to the stage for the address in New York last night, following his trip to London.

British royal experts told FEMAIL what is likely to happen to the Queen's beloved bright outfits and jewellery following her death - with many items passed on to family. While Queen Consort Camilla will get the first pick of the items, the Princess of Wales will also be in line to inherit heirlooms, as well as Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and other family members.

Back in 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were relocating to California, and spent a few months living in Tyler's Beverly Hills mansion before purchasing their own.

Photographs shared on The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg's official Instagram account showed the family's day out at the park.

India Hicks, the daughter of Lady Pamela Hicks who was bridesmaid at Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981, posted a video of herself walking through the Windsor Estate.

Tyler Robinson's now-18-month-old daughter, Autumn, from Illinois, was born four months early - at just 23 weeks - after Tyler suffered from a uterine rupture. Autumn was born with a lung disease called bronchopulmonary dysplasia and weighed one pound - and doctors weren't sure if she was going to make it. At just five months old, the baby underwent an emergency surgery to have a breathing tube placed in her lungs - which helped immensely. The newborn spent 17 months - equating to 524 days - in the hospital in total, before she was finally strong enough to go home on August 17. Autumn is now happily recovering at home, but she still uses a ventilator. She has made developmental strides, and has learned to sit up and play with her toys. Her mother, Tyler, admitted that she still suffers from PTSD from the experience, explaining that she often hears 'the screams' from other parents in her head.

Dani Russell, 27, from Sydney, first caught her husband Blake watching rugby during their wedding reception - but this weekend he has repeated his bad habit at her brother's nuptials.

Male escorts from around the world have opened up on the anonymous US-based sharing site Whisper - with one confessing they used their salary to pay for university.

A year into their marriage, Quran McCain and his wife, Cheryl McGregor, both from Georgia, are more loved up than ever - and are speaking with a surrogate in attempt to have their first child.

Singles have been warned about five common behaviours that are deemed to be an instant turn off when dating.

I haven't flown coach for years. I'm always in the luxury of those front row business and first seats, toying with a glass of fizz after a delicious time in the private business lounge.

Nancy Hauck, 56, from St George, Utah, said she 'never imagined being pregnant at her age' but added helping her son and his wife is 'the most beautiful thing' (left, and right, Nancy with her son Jeff and her husband Jason). Nancy decided she wanted to be surrogate for her son Jess and daughter in law Cambria because they had struggled so much with fertility issues (inset).

Clinton has clapped back at Fox News host after she claimed Clinton snubbed Queen Elizabeth II from her docuseries about 'amazing woman', just days after she paid tribute to the monarch.

DIESEL unveiled its spring/summer 2023 all-gender collection and broke a Guinness World Record with the world's largest ever inflatable sculpture at their runway show in Milan, Italy.

Kanye, 45, sat down with Alo's CEO Danny Harris, during which he compared reading to eating 'Brussels sprouts' and said he thinks humans should communicate without speaking - like Jedi.

Woman, 23, reveals she unknowingly filmed TikTok of herself going into anaphylactic shock and claims she was 'minutes' away from dying

Madison Lewis, 23, a customer success engineer, from Los Angeles, recalls the moment her organs began to 'shut down' after suffering a severe allergic reaction to medication. In 2015, she started suffering with a range of worrying symptoms, such as her body going numb, joint swelling and temporary facial paralysis. She decided to seek medical advice and in October 2016, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection which is spread through ticks. In a bid to treat the condition, she was placed on multiple antibiotics, but soon, her whole body felt like it was 'on fire' and her lips started to turn blue. Last month a concerned Madison documented the symptoms in a TikTok - which now has 3.9 million views - just moments before she needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

The eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sported a white crop top with a fuzzy vest and bright green pants for the outing.

An unnamed relationship expert shockingly revealed in an email to influencer Tix, 31, from California, that you should imagine separating from your partner to know if they're the one you.

UK-based journalist Rosie Green hadn't been single for 26 years and tried online dating. She has complied her ultimate lists of DO's and DO NOT's for finding a man

New York mother who captured a man recording her and her daughter in Walmart says her viral TikTok helped her identify him as a registered SEX OFFENDER who just got off parole

TikTok user @dd_escapades detailed her terrifying account in a now-viral video, which has been viewed 8.9 million times. She was inside the megastore when she pulled out her cellphone and started recording the suspicious man, claiming he was following her and her daughter. The stranger appeared to be recording them before he disappeared. The mom alleged in a follow-up clip that the man has been identified as a 'registered sex offender' who was 'arrested for molestation and rape.' She added that he had just gotten off parole the night before she recorded the video, saying she is pressing charges against him.

The first daughter of former President Donald Trump soaked up the sun with her loved ones while enjoying the holiday by lounging poolside at a friend's home, before taking a boat ride together.

'It's literally a walk-in closet!' New York City woman stuns the internet by showing off her $650-a-month 80-square-foot apartment that is the size of a single parking spot - and has NO oven or BATHROOM 

Alaina Randazzo, 25, gave YouTuber Caleb Simpson a tour of her Midtown apartment as part of his new video series exploring interesting spaces in NYC. The digital creator, who used to live in a luxury building, explained that she is saving $2,600 per month by renting the space, which is just 80 x 150 square feet. The micro-unit has a small kitchenette with a sink and stovetop but no oven, and there is just enough room for a small pullout couch and a flat-screen TV. Randazzo, who lives with her dog, sleeps in a cramped loft where her mattress is just inches from the ceiling. She also has to use a communal bathroom that is located down the hall because the unit doesn't have a toilet or shower. When she is feeling 'claustrophobic,' she likes to hang out and work on the roof. Randazzo insisted that the tiny apartment was actually a 'very hot commodity' with plenty of rental offers when she scooped it up.

Nature lovers from around the world have been taking to social media to share the unusual trees they have spotted, with BoredPanda collating the most bizarre.

Martin, 46, and Brooks, 56, exchanged vows in front of their family and friends, including some of her colleagues, at the New York Public Library on Saturday.

Britt Nicole, 23, from California, admitted herself into the ER due to stomach pain - and was stunned to find out she was actually pregnant and in labor.

John's stunning daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta, is making waves in the fashion industry - attending New York Fashion Week in a slew of stunning looks earlier this month, and leaving her famous father, 68, in awe. The 22-year-old appears to be following in her dad's footsteps, and has launched a major career for herself as an actress, singer, and now, fashionista. While Ella has accomplished a lot, she didn't have the easiest childhood. She tragically lost her older brother, Jett, when she was just nine years old - after he had a seizure and hit his head on the bathtub. She then suffered from another devastating blow when her mother, acclaimed actress Kelly Preston, passed away from breast cancer in 2020 at age 57. Despite her upbringing being plagued with heartbreak and loss, Ella has continued to prevail - and she has become a strong force in numerous industries. From her close relationship to her father to all of her achievements, here's everything we know about John's only daughter, Ella, as she propels herself into the world of modeling.

Adam Perry, 37, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, took to Twitter on September 14 to share two side-by-side photos of his preschool-age son posing for the camera.

This illustration shows a New York-like skyline with a hidden cat amongst the buildings. The brainteaser, which was shared on Reddit, challenges you to find the cat in 10 seconds.

An Australian mother-of-two has shared why she continues to breastfeed her five-year-old son beyond what's deemed to be the 'normal' timeframe. 

LeBron, 37, looked dapper as he sat with his wife-of-nine-years, Savannah James, 36, and their three children, Bronny, 17, Bryce, 15, and Zhuri, seven, for Vanity Fair's upcoming October issue.

Sasha, who is the daughter of former President Barack and his wife Michelle, was seen walking around the University of Southern California, looking every inch the LA college student in her boho-inspired ensemble. She wore a pair of baggy light-wash jeans that hung down low on her hips, and a double-layered brown-and-white crop top that revealed the waistband of her underwear. The former first daughter accessorized with a pair of brown boots, several chunky necklaces, statement rings on nearly every finger, and she wore a woven white tote bag over her shoulder. Sasha was also seen sporting long nails, which were painted blue on one hand, and purple on the other; her long hair was worn in a low ponytail that hung over one shoulder.

Ella Halikas, 24, from Los Angeles, California, has gone viral for recreating Kardashian, 41, and Fox's, 32, most daring looks to promote body inclusivity.

The mother-daughter duo both looked stunning at Michael Kors runway show on Wednesday, during which Melinda, 57, wore a black, flowing dress with a big belt around her waist.

Holly Jane, 39, from California, has revealed she's being forced to choose between a life as an OnlyFans model and being apart of her Mormon church.