Elden Ring is chock full of strange, masked characters, but there are almost none as eccentric as Blackguard Big Boggart, a disheveled man with a metal bucket on his head who really, really likes shrimp. There's an air of mystery about him as well, as players never get to see him without the aforementioned helmet glued to his noggin. Well, one Elden Ring modder has managed to de-bucket Boggart and fans are smitten.

Redditor Yamishika gave a lot of fans their first look at Boggart without his helmet on (thanks GamesRadar) and pretty much all of them came to the same conclusion that he's pretty dang smokin'. There's plenty of people commenting on Boggart's surprising good looks - giving him pet names such as "crawdaddy" and "prawn bae" - although many have also noticed how weirdly thick his neck is, with one user saying that he could "drink peanut butter" with it.

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In fact, even though that players were never supposed to see Boggart's long flowing locks and chiseled jawline, his looks might actually play into his peculiar name. As explained by Redditor gottalosethemall, Boggart is actually another name for a scarecrow, and the whole reason why he wears the helmet is to hide his face because he wants to seem more threatening than he actually is so he's left alone. What with the rest of The Lands Between's murderous population, I can't say I blame him.

Boggart wasn't the only character recently unmaksed either, as a strange glitch in Elden Ring actually gave us a look at what Miquella looks like inside his cocoon. Turns out, incasing yourself in a giant cocoon to try and induce rapid aging doesn't work wonders for your skin, as Miquella's head and torso are a horrible grey colour, making the character look more like a corpse than someone who's just woken up from a very long nap.

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