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Coronation Street latest: Tim’s plan backfires after going behind Sally’s back; plus EastEnders & Emmerdale news

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TIM METCALFE'S plan will backfire in upcoming episodes after going behind Sally's back as he attempts to plan a surprise for their anniversary.

Corrie's Tim is back sneaking around behind his partners back with Aggie Bailey once again, however they are just trying to make sure that the anniversary goes to plan.

 Aggie offers to go shopping with him to make sure he doesn't buy his wife Sally a gift she'd deem unimaginative.

However, Tim later pretends to have forgotten his wedding anniversary in an attempt to wind up Sally, but as you can imagine, it does not end well.

The plan backfires and Sally lashes out by tearing up his card, leaving No.4 in a huff.

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  • Matt Snape

    Corrie star reveals ‘amazing’ stunts in rooftop showdown

    Coronation Street’s Adam Hussein has revealed some “amazing” stunts in a rooftop showdown that was considered dangerous.

    During a Corrie press day, Adam said: “Just working on such an amazing script and story, to be able to do stunts because of the cameras and a big green screen and the volume walls that they use in Hollywood films, and to be able to work with those devices and having the crew work phenomenally.

    “Everyone who worked on that was absolutely amazing. I think it was one of the best shoots I have ever done.”

    He added: “In the end it all looks really amazing. I can’t wait to see it once it’s on TV.”

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  • Matt Snape

    Emmerdale viewers annoyed as Liv Flaherty ditches husband Vinny

    Emmerdale fans are all saying the same thing after Liv Flaherty ditched husband Vinny.

    And the worst thing is she did it because he was trying to expose mum Sandra’s despicable behaviour.

    One wrote: “so Liv hated her mum & loved Vinny then in the space of 2.5 milliseconds she does a total about turn.”

    A second said: “Wow, #Liv really?!”

    Another added: “Livs gonna regret finishing with vinny.”

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  • Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty may be killed by Terry, fans predict

    Emmerdale fans all share the same concern that Liv Flaherty is about to be killed by her mum’s boyfriend, Terry.

    One suggested: “I guess Liv will be murdered now, so Scamdra can say ‘I told you so'”

    A second added: Aw Liv, hasn’t she already been through more than enough this year? Alcohol poisoning, wrongly charged/imprisoned for murder, disowned by her own Brother, her Mom totally tryna con her & still even more to come unfortunately. Just can’t catch a break poor thing.”

    A third said: “Change. The. Locks. Liv.”

    And a fourth stated: “Terry is a very bad man Liv needs to be careful.”

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  • Emmerdale: Nicola King makes Naomi row progress

    Naomi revealed that she was involved with the girls who attacked Nicola, but she didn’t participate in the beating.

    She said: “I lost every ounce of dignity I had. Now, you swan in here, telling me you’ve done the right thing.

    “You are nothing but a spineless bully who’s been squirming because they’ve been caught out.

    “You don’t get to get out of it that easily. I want you to suffer like I suffered… I am going to enjoy watching every minute of it.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Ford Capri used in EastEnders sells for over £20k

    A Ford Capri owned by an EastEnders legend and seen in the soap has smashed its predicted price at an auction.

    The black Capri, a 2.8litre injection model from 1982, which was driven by Shane Richie’s character Alfie Moon in the BBC One show, appeared between 2010 and 2016.

    The car was up for auction on September 24 with a guide price of £12,000 to £15,000.

    It smashed that though and was eventually sold by Classic Car Auctions, a sister company of Silverstone Auctions, for a sizeable £20,025.

  • Louis Allwood

    Village looks ‘derelict’ after being ravaged by storm

    The Dales’ 50 anniversary is going to be HUGE.

    Isobel Steele revealed “the wind machines are so loud,” while speaking to the Metro.

    Isobel Steele, who plays Liv Flaherty, was in awe of the storm “aftermath” while filming.

    She told the Metro: “I came in yesterday and saw the Emmerdale sign on its side.

    “I completely forgot that had happened! Trees are smashed everywhere, branches… it looks like its not been worked in for years. It looks derelict.

    “It looks amazing.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Everything you need to know about EastEnders

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale: Harriet makes shock confession to Will Taylor

    Harriet Finch is going to profess her love for Will in coming scenes, causing huge problems for his upcoming wedding to Kim Tate.

    Will is about to get a shock when he discovers that Harriet is still harbouring feelings for him.

    What will he do?

  • Louis Allwood

    EastEnders: Alfie Moon pulls out all the stops to win Kat back

    Alfie made his shocking return earlier this month, where he crashed Kat Slater’s wedding to Phil Mitchell, leaving her furious with him.

    Despite leaving Kat so upset her wedding day had been ruined Alfie won’t let it stop him, as viewers will discover on Monday night’s episode.

    The wheeler dealer fills her front room with flowers, but it doesn’t look like things go to plan as Kat questions him on where he got the flowers from…

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans say the same thing as Leo is dramatically killed off

    CORONATION Street fans were left saying the same thing this week following Leo’s dramatic death at the hands of Stephen.

    Stephen the businessman – who is played by actor Todd Boyce in the Coronation Street – murdered structural engineer Leo in cold blood after he discovered his financial problems.

    However fans are annoyed that Stephen is sticking around after claiming his character is “boring”.

    One fan said: “Stephen is still boring even though he’s killed Leo, I thought this would give him a jolt and we would see some good acting, but no, still boring, yawn yawn.”

    A second added: “I don’t like Leo and Jenny together but Leo didn’t deserve to die in the hands of Stephen. Stephen is a monster.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Where to get your daily fix of soap spoilers

    Keep up to date with Britain’s favourite soap dramas right here on thesun.co.uk.

  • Louis Allwood

    Shock discovery on Emmerdale

    Kerry Wyatt has been looking forward to take her relationship with Al Chapman to the next level.

    Coming up in Emmerdale, after discovering he is keeping a secret, she makes a life-changing decision.

    The beautician and former shop assistant portrayed by Laura Norton has been in a relationship with the local businessman, played by Harry Potter actor Michael Wildman.

    Months have gone by and their romance appears to be going smoothly, despite a few mishaps along the way.

    In scenes due to air on ITV, however, Kerry finds out Al has been up to something she wasn't suspecting as she catches him viewing houses online.

    Kerry struggles to contain her excitement and immediately believes he's been on the lookout for them, ready to build a future with her.

  • Louis Allwood

    Rejection felt in EastEnders

    Ravi bumps into Nina who mocks his hopefulness at a reconciliation with Nish as his release is looming on the horizon.

    While at the prison, a conversation between Ravi and Nish goes south as the latter only wants to see his sons, Vinny and Kheerat (Jaz Deol) but only feels rejected by his own family.

    Soon enough, Ravi agrees to do Nish's bidding and manipulates Vinny into going to visit his father in prison.

    Vinny is overwhelmed to see that his name has already been written down on the prison list by Ravi.

    This prompts him to question Suki about their relationship with their father as Vinny was still very young when Nish was incarcerated in 2002.

    Agitated, Vinny is determined to get the answers he's looking for in Suki - but will she open up?

  • Louis Allwood

    Freddie Slater furious after learning real dad is evil Graham Foster

    EastEnders’ Freddie Slater was furious to learn from Phil Mitchell that Billy is not his father after making a shock return on Wednesday night.

    Freddie was just a baby when fan favourite Little Mo left the show in 2006.

    Phil’s devastating revelation led to Freddie getting drunk and lashing out at the Mitchells and the Slaters for lying to him all of his life.

    After his mate Bobby Beale calmed him down, Billy explained what happened to him and Mo before stopping himself from explaining that his real dad is Graham Foster, who raped Freddie’s mother in 2003.

    Billy added that it was down to his mother to tell him who his real dad is.

  • Louis Allwood

    Strictly’s Will Mellor is returning to Coronation Street

    Will Mellor is currently strutting his stuff on Strictly, but he will be making a return to Coronation Street at some point.

    Digital Spy reports that Will is thought to have returned to filming for new scenes as murderer Harvey Gaskell.

  • Louis Allwood

    Emmerdale release trailer for 50th anniversary

    This October will mark Emmerdale's 50th anniversary and fans are in for a treat.

    Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as a huge storm puts terrified residents in mortal peril and destroys part of the village.

  • Louis Allwood

    Corrie legend joins I’m A Celebrity All Stars

    Corrie fans will remember Helen Flanagan, who shot to fame playing Cobbles legend Rosie Webster.

    Flanagan would go on to make her name in a series of hit shows, but many Brits will know her from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

    Now, it has been revealed that she is set to return for I’m A Celebrity… All Stars, a series that brings back some of the show’s most iconic contestants.

  • Hope for DeMarcus in Hollyoaks

    An anonymous witness from the night of Saul’s stabbing is due to come forward in upcoming Hollyoaks episodes.

    Digital Spy reports that Felix disguises himself as a buyer and meets with Joseph's mother Gill to gather information on her son.

    Will Felix be able to maintain his disguise? Find out soon.

  • Corrie spoilers: Tim and Aggie’s dangerous game of sneaking around

    Tim Metcalfe is sneaking around wife Sally’s back with Aggie Bailey in Coronation Street.

    In this week’s episodes, Aggie helps Tim buy some appropriate gifts for his and Sally’s wedding anniversary.

    Despite their growing affection for one another, Aggie lies to Ed and says that she spent time with a girlfriend.

    Tim is later forced to apologise to Sally for pretending to forget about their anniversary.

    Will they get caught out?

    Read more here.

  • Corrie spoilers: Ken and Wendy’s relationship displeases Tracy

    Ken and his old flame Wendy are bonding in Coronation Street, much to Tracy’s displeasure.

    According to Digital Spy, they will agree to become romantic companions, but how will Tracy respond?

  • Corrie spoilers – Is Harvey returning?

    Will Mellor is currently strutting his stuff on Strictly, but he will be making a return to Coronation Street at some point.

    Digital Spy reports that Will is thought to have returned to filming for new scenes as murderer Harvey Gaskell.

  • EastEnders spoilers: Nish returns to Walford

    EastEnders’ Suki’s ex-husband and father to Kheerat, Vinny, and Ash, Nish, will be arriving in Walford with a stash of devastating secrets.

    The news was confirmed by Digital Spy, and in a further revelation, Ravi will be coming to Albert Square too, as the truth about Ravi’s paternity casts a dark cloud over the Panesars.

  • EastEnders spoilers: What is Alfie’s big secret?

    Alfie Moon’s return to EastEnders has delighted many fans as he vows to get his ex-wife Kat Slater back.

    But according to Digital Spy, the chances of a reunion are slim as Alfie is hiding a big secret.

    What has he done now? Find out this month.

  • Corrie spoilers – Stu’s murder case is settled

    Coronation Street’s Stu is finally about to experience some hope as his murder case is settled.

    Later this week, Alya becomes suspicious that Stu’s former wife Lucy could have been the guilty party in Charlie’s death, according to Digital Spy.

    Alya deploys sneaky tactics to retrieve Lucy’s DNA, and arranges for it to be checked against historic evidence from the murder case.

    What will happen next? Tune in to Corrie next week to find out.

  • Corrie spoilers – Stephen continues to scam Audrey

    After murdering Leo, Corrie’s new scumbag Stephen still needs to pay off the money he stole off his estranged wife Gabrielle.

    According to Digital Spy, Leo’s death means that no one can stop him from scamming Audrey.

    Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen, told Digital Spy: "Stephen's thinking of how to get some money out of Audrey. She's not going to put him in charge of the trust anymore. So he's thinking about equity release from her house.

    "I think Stephen has always been a successful businessman. It's just like a gambler. He just thinks, 'If I can just get that money in, then I can just make that money grow. And then I'll give it back to her'”.