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A TIKTOK user's viral makeup transformation is so startling that viewers are convinced the "before" and "after" are different people.

Valeria Voronina, a makeup artist with 2.3 million followers on the app, has blown people away with her shapeshifting skills to the point that many commenters are in utter disbelief.

Valeria Voronina has gone viral for her shocking transformationCredit: TikTok/voronina_valeria_

Valeria has posted countless makeup transformation videos on TikTok, but that hasn't stopped stunned viewers from scratching their heads.

In one clip, the blue-eyed beauty shut down a commenter who claimed that her before and after shots were two different people.

In the first part of the clip, Valeria appeared with her face totally clear of cosmetics and her hair wild and undone.

She also proudly showed off her uneven skin and frowned at the camera while sitting down on her couch in a hoodie.

However, in a sudden change of scene, Valeria looked like a completely different person after she did her makeup.

The social media star went from being a blonde to a brunette and her eyes were a brighter blue.

Her baby blues were then framed with thick eyelashes, her skin completely smoothed by makeup, and her pout plump in red lipstick.

Valeria's nose also appeared much slimmer and her jaw was chiseled.

Lastly, her clothes had changed to a more glam outfit of red feathers.

Following her video, many applauded her for her makeup skills.

Some even suggested she make a video in which she only had one side of her face done to shut down the non-believers.

One person wrote: "That's just called catfishing."

A second person asked if she could do her makeup on camera so they could, for once, confirm it was indeed her.

And a third added: "It's literally not the same person."

Many have questioned if she's the same person before and afterCredit: TikTok/voronina_valeria_